Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Morning Catch Up

Lots of catch up this morning. Glad corn chowder is ready in the frig to be re-heated when hubby gets home from work. (It always tastes better the next day.)

On my list (so far):
  1. Research and decide topic for my New Year blogging column article in FellowScript, our writers' fellowship quarterly newsletter.
  2. Plan some holiday baking for our healing room prayer team Christmas party coming in a couple of weeks.
  3. Plan a non-surprise birthday gathering for someone near and dear -- aka as Mr. Hubby -- for December.
  4. Pick up car from the garage because repairs are done.
  5. Make a Bake (aka as lazy tea-biscuits w/o rolling or cutting, just shaping into a circle loaf) to go with said corn chowder.
  6. Throw a couple of laundry loads in. Dry. Fold. No ironing involved (thankfully) today.
  7. Be secretary to my mom for a business letter she needs to send off.
  8. Decide what's for supper -- sweet and sour pork chops, baked tender in the oven with lots of sauce in which to smother brown rice on the side.
  9. Clean up lunch dishes and prepare the cauliflower veggy dish to go with the above.
  10. Check my e-mails and blog.. squeeze in a couple of blog visits for a few minutes.
  11. Stop and enjoy the unusual siting of a northern flicker in my garden -- what a treat (will post a pic as soon as I can).
  12. Take tea and have a rest by the fireplace before supper. (will I have time for this??)

Wishing you the best kind of Monday!


  1. It's Wed morning now-how did Monday am go? lol....

  2. LOL back... we got the list covered, well, except for my blogging column article.

    Which is on today's list (Wed).

    Enjoy your day.............

  3. Didn't get this until Wednesday morning, and I see you've accomplished much of your list. I like having a list to work off of, and then take great pleasure in ticking things off it.


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