Monday, October 31, 2011

A Book Lover's Surprise!

I recently left a chatty comment over at Kindred Heart Writers on a particular posting about children's books. Of course, I had to admit along with the author, that I, too, still adore books written with children in mind. Browsing through the children's book section (library or bookstore, it matters not) always, always brings back the innocent joy of early reading and storytelling days ... whether at home or in grade school.

As it turns out, my comment got me entered into a monthly book giveaway--and guess what--I won! Although not a children's book, I am excited to be getting a copy of Book Lover's Devotional, What We Learn About Life from 60 Great Works of Literature.

A BIG thank you to Karen and everyone at Kindred Heart Writers.  I look forward to including this book on my ever burgeoning book piles on my nightstand.  Surely there's room for just one more?

Wishing you a great day,


  1. sounds like an interesting book to read...

  2. What a nice surprise! You never know what connections and opportunities the blog world will yield. The book sounds like a good one, especially for an avid reader. Enjoy!

  3. Congrats on winning the book! It looks like an interesting read. Please let us know how you like it.

  4. A nice win and the theme has me very intrigued. I know that we are very much effected as children by what we read. Let us know more, a review one day perhaps...

  5. Congratulations - aren't give-aways fun! And, especially when you didn't expect that you were entered IN a give-away!

    I strolled over to the Kindred Writers site and was intrigued. I've been to the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conferences a couple times - some years back - but got bogged down in my work - writing and performing. Not quite conducive to writing for print publishing. Always a dream, though. Perhaps now that I've stepped into blogging, something down the road may turn out that way.


  6. There's always room for "just one more" when it comes to books! What an interesting theme for a devotional book.

  7. HI Brenda, I am getting ready to mail your book right now. I hope you enjoy it and are blessed by it. I certainly am glad to find your blog too. Congrats, Jeanie Wise ( One of the Kindred heart writers)

  8. came in first! Who can resist another book? and it sounds like an interesting one.

  9. I see we share more than an affection for the same movies (~wink~)...we also share a love for chidren's books!

    I suppose I've been reading children's books most of my life. I read a lot as a child. Then I read to own babies. Then we began to homeschool and I've been reading all of those years (more than twenty). My youngest is ten in a few years, I'll probably be reading to random children on the street corners!

    Congratulations on your win! That looks like an interesting read.

  10. Yay! Congratulations!!!

  11. Isn't it nice that there is always room for one more book. I smiled when I read that, because I can identify with that. Congratulations on your win, and for sharing that title with us.


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