Monday, September 19, 2011

Just For Fun

 Will you be making jam?
(5th Floor Girls -- and you know who you are -- 
this one's for you and for those good ole memories!)

In the office where I used to work, often during lunch or coffee breaks (when we took them) we'd end up chatting about interesting girly things (our office had all women at that time). Sometimes we'd take 'surveys' amongst ourselves on silly questions, because after all, "Inquiring Minds Wanna Know".

One day, quite in innocence, one colleague said that when she got home that evening she was going to make jam with Charlie... and before we knew it someone piped up and said, 'Oh, is that what you call it?' wink, wink, nudge, nudge. It ended up becoming the office 'code' for that shhhhhh....  s*e*x... word.

More recently we were out with friends. Who knows how topics come up, but one couple starts sharing the humorous tale about how they used to tell their young daughters when they didn't want them barging into their bedroom unannounced that 'Mom and Dad were going into their bedroom to catch spiders'. Apparently the girls had an aversion to spiders.

Now that's two for the list:
  •  making jam
  • catching spiders
No doubt there are other interesting 'code' words out there... and we'd love to hear if you care to share! After all, inquiring minds wanna know. (Of course we're pretty sure it goes without saying that we are just having fun and not wanting to know anything off-color here.)

Wishing you a great day... whatever you do!


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  1. Oh, my! I'm not one of 'those' 5th Floor Girls - but I AM a 5th floor girl. Lived on the 5th floor of the college dorm for 3 years. Best view of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay on the whole campus! Loved your post today!

  2. My daughter was in the grocery store - in her mid to late teens and said out loud, "I can't believe you and dad do it!"

    Embarrassed me to death.

    Love, Sande

  3. Hi Brenda, I don't if it is a code word, but "lets unplug the phone" has become a catch phrase over the years! When my husband and I first got married it seemed like just about every time things would get a little "frisky" the minister who married us, who was a family friend or my mother or father, or my husband's mother would call us on the phone! Talk about timing! Delisa :)


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