Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn Art

  "The Search" - Psalm 139
 Watercolour and Ink
Artist - Elsie Underwood

This past weekend, I had the lovely privilege of meeting the artist of this beautiful autumn painting.  I have a small art card of the one above in my happy possession.

Not only does Elsie Underwood share her love of God's creation through her paintings, but she is a word painter of the most exquisite kind. Listening to her speak, one feels the brush strokes of gentleness, kindness and love.  When you are around her, it's like catching 'glimpses of heaven in unexpected places'. To see more of Elsie's artwork at her online Gallery, click here for the site.

Hoping your day is filled with beauty and light!


  1. Beautiful for SURE, Brenda. Thanks for alerting me to her work. Where do you keep your small art card?

  2. That's so beautiful and so evocative of autumn that I can almost smell the leaves.

  3. Rebecca, I bought the art card three years ago when I first met the artist. I've had it propped up on my little 'what-not' shelf in my study for a while, then it got tucked away as it's not yet framed.

    You're query urges me to get it framed so I can enjoy it more fully, as I do love the piece!

    Hope you are in less pain with your shoulder today. Been praying for change for you.


  4. art can express so much. lovely painting...

  5. Hi Brenda!

    What a lovely print!

    How are you and is fall really upon you already??

  6. Matty, yes, it's really upon us! But it's lovely! Today I was driving from the gym and the air, being brisk and crisp, made the getting into my car a delicious moment of that contrast of warmth and cool.

    Vee, I need to go out into the woodsy areas nearby to catch that leafy smell, which I love.

    Lin,I'm so grateful for artists of every stripe. They add so much to our pleasure.

  7. Hi Brenda! What a lovely picture, it is so serene, sigh...I feel like I could just stroll down that sunlit path forever. Isn't it wonderful when you find that the artist is as inspiring as their work? That is very special. I hope you continue to have a beautiful afternoon! Delisa :)

  8. How nice to meet the artist!
    When I look at the painting, I see the Son shining through.
    Love this picture.

  9. And may yours be filled with beauty and light too! sandie


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