Friday, September 09, 2011

Speaking of Pauses...

So... do you think fifteen minutes would be long enough?

A few posts back I mentioned what seemed a good idea to take a pause or break between one project and the next one, including the reading of our books. To savor and let what we just read sink in, to let the ideas work their way through our belief system and change us... or not. Maybe to delight in a particular turn of phrase as it rolls around our mind or tongue.

When it comes down to it, for me books are pretty much like peanuts -- as quickly as I finish the last book, I'm already reaching for the next one.

Not taking my own advice, Monsieur Poirot's little grey cells have barely solved the mystery in The Third Girl before I find myself reaching for English author Rosamunde Pilcher's novel September which is set in the heather-covered hillsides of Scotland.

Oh well... maybe next time?

To pause or not to pause, that is the question.
Do you let a little time pass before you pick up the next book?

 Wishing you a beautiful day,

Beauty in the Pause


  1. Ooo, love Agatha Christie and especially Poirot. I really like David Suchet as Poirot in the tv series.

    It's funny you mentioned "September". I have a copy of it on my bookshelf but have never read it. I've heard it's very good.

  2. There are exceptions to every rule. Don't you think?!!

  3. you are quite the reader, I read the paper and that's about all these days...

  4. Brenda, I know just what you mean!I finish books very quickly, and need a next one quickly too! But I do try and have a little pause between two books.
    I wonder if you have read Winter solstice by Rosamund Pilcher? It is such a lovely book.

  5. I like that Pilcher book. I'm sure that you'll enjoy it. Some rules were made to be broken, especially those self-imposed ones.

  6. Good thing we didn't make it into a 'rule' -- we were just 'thin'ning' out loud....

  7. love your picture of Miss Kitty and the rememberance. I also am a cat lover, but don't have anymore. My last died in 2003.

  8. Sandra -- David Suchet IS Poirot... I cannot imagine anyone else portraying the part more perfectly!

    If you decide to read September, maybe we can exchance the pages of our favorite portions!

    Betty -- great to catch your note. AND I agree, exceptions are a good thing!

    Lin -- well, while I'm busy reading, I think you're busy writing those special things for people TO read.... I always admire what you tell us you're up to word- wise!

    Elizabethd -- I LOVE Winter Solstice. I think it's my favorite of hers, well, Shell Seekers is way up there too. I always enjoy reading it during the winter season. Seems cozy to do so.

    Vee -- those are the best kind -- just chuck out those rules that don't matter anyway.

    Cherie -- Thanks for your comment about Miss Kitty. I too LOVE kitties, and like you, we don't have any more either.

    I clicked on your link to come visit, but it just came up with ads, so if you do see this and you have another link, let me know. I'd enjoy chatting more.

  9. I'm desperate for a book. (I've been confined to a chair and have computer fatigue.) I don't have anything on my list of want-to-reads or I'd send my husband to pick one up for me...

  10. I absolutely adored September...enjoy!

  11. ha haa... we love the way you are just so real - we thought st first you going to be really brilliant at pausing and put us all to shame, but you no how hard it is too! We are headlong into everything here and Mrs H is trying hard to go slow. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  12. Hi Brenda, I love your idea about taking a little pause. About three years ago I started keeping a book journal, I write down the name of each book I read, and the date I finished it. I rate it between 1 star to 5 stars depending on how much I enjoyed it and then write just one or two sentences about what it meant to me. I so enjoy going back and looking through it. It encourages me to read more and helps me to remember what I learned from the book. It only takes a pause of a few minute to do it, but the little journal gives me lasting enjoyment! Have a wonderful evening ahead! Delisa :)


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