Friday, August 12, 2011

One's Best Work

My hands were in warm, sudsy dishwater.  My eyes were gazing out into the garden.  Thoughts were kinda mindless ... when out of the blue, words started flowing up from inside me--smooth and light-- and I realized Someone was speaking to me.  On a topic I wasn't even thinking about.

Hands dried off, I grabbed a pencil so I wouldn't miss my moment with the Divine:

I AM creating something in you that will last for all eternity, so I don't mind taking some earth time to do it -- even if it takes years.  You see in earth years, I see eternity years. So rest. Be at peace if you think something is taking too long.  I AM working.  Doing One's best work takes time.
Just now as I key in those words, I hear a PS ... I'm not afraid of the time it takes. Don't be afraid either. 

Yesterday I happened to see a book at the library by John C. Maxwell entitled Go for Gold: Inspiration to Increase Your Leadership Impact. I was amazed to find John saying something similar in his introductory note:
"We live in a time of instant gratification.  If we want to read a book or listen to music, we download it in a matter of minutes.  If we're hungry, we order food and it arrives at our door.....Unfortunately, we expect the same kind of speed when it comes to personal growth.  We want it to be just as quick and easy.  It will never happen.

If you want to become a better leader (person), you need to give up a microwave mentality.  Forget speed and become like a Crock-Pot.  Personal growth takes time.  It takes seasoning.  And it requires heat.  It's slow, but like something cooked in a Crock-Pot, it's worth waiting for! ...
You cannot become a great leader overnight, but you can become a better leader day by day."

I think I got the message.... whew... the pressure is off.  Trying to think I have to get it perfect the first time is so wearing on one's mind and body. Growing takes times. I see the lily's example in my garden every time I'm out there.

I feel lighter and freer. The funny thing is I didn't even know I was 'stewing' about how long 'it' was taking.

Here's wishing you grace for the journey!

Hugs to you all,


  1. What a lovely reminder, Brenda! It is so easy to think we have to have this done now! This finished NOW! This and this and this --- NOW! I love the book "Aunt Jane of Kentucky" because Aunt Jane reminds her niece that a garden (and life) takes, well, a lifetime to create! If only I could remember this!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. A life takes a lifetime... I like that! Thanks Matty!

  3. Oh Brenda! This is a reminder that we all need to take to heart.We really do tend to live in an instant generation, but God's timing is so different. thanks for this beautiful post.

  4. So true. Glad you listened and took good notes!

  5. Thank you... I needed to read those words today. Blessings to you and yours.

  6. Love this, Brenda. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  7. inspirations comes at quiet moments when we are doing menial tasks. Good thoughts thanks for sharing them I needed that today...

  8. That is a wonderful way to start the weekend and I loved the message.

  9. I really enjoyed this post. It's a great reminder that taking time is important in our instant culture.

    I found your blog earlier this week and have so enjoyed reading your posts. I wanted to share your great site with others so posted a little info about your blog on mine. Hope you don't mind. :o)

    Have a good weekend.

  10. Hi Brenda, I sure enjoyed your post today. It was very thought-provoking. I agree, the micro wave mentality takes all the joy out of our lives. I also think the whole idea of multi-tasking robs us of the wonderful feeling of being in the moment. It takes time to learn something well. It is also takes being patience with ourselves and the mistakes we make along the way. Your post was very beautifully expressed! Have a wonderful weekend and a lovely evening! Delisa :)

  11. Brenda, We love what John said and My mom still love the paper book, and mom have to slow down whatever she love it or not. because now she can't run fast. and I always have to stop and wait for her when we play chasing : ) so I guess we are doing good about " A life takes a lifetime "

  12. Lovely, yes, grace and beauty. Thank you.

  13. Glad you took the time to do the dishes the old fashioned way. I love it when inspirational thoughts come our way at unexpected times.

  14. This is just the reminder I need today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such a beautiful way. We are always in a hurry. Fortunately, God isn't.

  15. I like what I heard recently - Grace doesn't mean "Do" Grace means "Done" we don't have to do anything to earn and to grow - our growth comes from our yielding and loving our Lord - allowing Him to work through us - to speak to us to realize our place and joy in Him - that's all we need to do!
    Wonderful post,

  16. I I love this, Brenda! Huge sigh of relief for all the work He's doing, and the time it's taking Him. Thanks for sharing His heart with us.

    And did I say I love this post?


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