Saturday, August 27, 2011

Book Bliss

Oh joy...oh bliss...oh books !

Our local library hosted its annual book sale last weekend. Friend Ruth and I planned a date as one of our all-time favourite shared pursuits is browsing used book shops.

We were both in our element. With no other agenda for the evening, no set time frame of when we had to be out, we perused to our heart's content.

I did set myself a budget for my purchases -- I mean you can buy a small stack of books when hardcovers are a dollar and paperbacks are fifty-cents. I started with a $10 limit but I soon upped the ante when I saw how quickly I was filling my book bag! Although I went over my not-at-all-set-in-stone budget (ha ha), I had nary a thought for guilt... nor did I wonder where on earth I was going to stash them all.

I went back the next day and found ANOTHER bagful of 'got-to read this' which brought the total to about 26. Now you're not going to believe this but...

Earlier this week (after the sale) I stopped at the library to return a book I'd borrowed. And what to my wondering eye did I see? But staff setting out the 'remains of the day'. These they were giving away FREE! Of course I stopped to see... and found another 6-7 books I was drawn to pick up and bring home. Almost like stray kittens, you can't leave them to languish now, can you!! 


Here are a just a few titles of my new-found treasures:


How Ballroom Dancing Saved My Life
by Janet Carlson, 2008

by Sister Wendy Beckett, 2006

Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization
by John C. Maxwell, 2005

by WiTold Gombrowicz, 2004
(20th Century Polish novelist, essayist, playwright)

The Writing Life
Ellen Gilchrist, 2005

Knit Together
Discover God's Pattern for Your Life
Debbie Macomber, 2007

So Many Books, So Little Time
A Year of Passionate Reading
Sara Nelson, 2003

Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities
Elizabeth Edwards, 2009

May I Have This Dance
An Invitation to Faithful Prayer Throughout the Year
Joyce Rupp, 1992

All the Presidents' Pastries
Twenty-Five Years in the White House (Memoir)
Roland Mesnier, 2007


Charlotte in Giverny
Joan MacPhail Knight, 2000

An Acceptable Time
Madeleine L'Engle, 1989

Stuart Little
E.B. White, 1945


Gertrude E. Finney 1955

A Novel about Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln
by Irving Stone, 1954

Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency 
Alexander McCall Smith, 2009
(and 4 others of the same series)

Introducing Brother Cadfael
Ellis Peters, 1988

Almost the complete series of
with Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer

How's that for a full cupboard?


  1. Brenda, what a treasure trove! I would have been just like you, unable to tear myself away.
    I'm interested to know more about the Charlotte in Giverny book. That is one of our most visited places in France!

  2. Elizabethd.... if you click on the title in the posting, it takes you to Amazon's listing for the book.

    The author has also written two others called Charlotte in Paris and Charlotte in New York.

    This one is adorable. Beautiful illustrations by Melissa Sweet, along side reproductions of the masters in impressionist painting.

  3. I cannot go past books either. You have some fabulous choices there. Just amazing.x

  4. Oh the more I read your blog the more I sense we have the most kindred spirits!!! I wish we lived closer; you and I would be fast friends! I just hit the library book sale at my daughter's school and got so many of the same kinds of books. I too picked up a few by Alexander McCall Smith. I also go a bunch of Madeleine L'Engle. I spent $32! Alas, and I felt guilty but then again not if that makes sense. No one but a fellow book lover/collector could possibly understand! I'm jealous of your find So Many Books, So Little Time - that is on my wish list :-) Enjoy your treasures and I'm off to enjoy your blog some more!!

  5. What a great bunch of books you found. Have you read any of the Brother Caedfel novels? I really enjoy them. I think you have the first in the series, which I have not yet read. But every story stands on its own.

  6. Hi Bayside Rose... I was really happy with the selection of books available. Maybe even abit dismayed that the library was getting rid of some many 'good' ones. But then, I've taken on the beauty of being their caretaker for this season. It will be a joy. (BTW... that list wasn't even all of them)

    Deborah... yes, kindred spirit... isn't blogging fun when you can meet so many 'heart' friends here?

    Glad you enjoyed your own library book sale. Did you get the Ladies Detective series or the other ones? Mr. Smith has such a fun variety of novels.

    BTW, I'll try and let you know about my reading of So Many Books, So Little Time when I get to it.

    Lorrie...I have not read any of the Brother Cadfael books, but I've probably seen most of the DVD's. My sister read them all and decided she didn't want to see the movies made of them (they'd be all wrong in her mind then).

    You're right, the one I have is the first in the set. I started it right away. There are three short stories in this book.

  7. What a fun set of circumstances for you. With the Winter season coming, you will be set to curl up by the fire and read until your heart's content:) You shared some interesting titles that I am keeping in mind myself.

    Your blog banner is beautiful!

  8. It's interesting how books call out to you...I'm in iceland but each book is $20 or about 2000 krona-but I'm loading up. hope i can make it to the!

  9. Wow! You got some GOOD ones. I want to read the Brother Cadrael series. Just haven't gotten 'round to it.

    I just finished The Paris Wife and hope to finish The Lady and the Poet before it's due date tomorrow :)

    I look forward to winter - just because it seems I get more read.

    Have you shown your book shelves? (I haven't been reading your blog for very long...but next to the books themselves, I am fascinated by other peoples' bookshelves :)

  10. Gotta love this! I love shopping for books. They are the best for of insulation a house can have!


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