Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Postcards in the Mail


We're still on holiday in the beautiful west coast city of Victoria, British Columbia. Having a grand time with family we haven't seen in a while.  Lots of laughter, good times around food, and sight-seeing, not to mention a poke or two in creaky-floored used bookshops.

One of our favourite chuckles came from our just too-cute three-year-old grand-niece: "When I get to be a Big Girl, I'm going to chew gum, ride the school bus, AND go to the liquor store." Quite the 'bucket list' for a three year old.  As you can imagine we had a marvelous chuckle at that one.

We're off later to enjoy an evening concert of the Victoria Symphony in the spectacular setting of the Butchart Gardens.  Music, beautiful settings, flowers, loved ones... what more could a person ask for!

Wishing you good times too,


  1. Oh no! Where did she get that line? ☺

    Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time and who wouldn't going to the symphony in such a famous garden?!

  2. Hi Brenda! Enjoy your trip, it sounds wonderful! I have always wanted to visit Canada. I have seen pictures of the beautiful Butchart gardens. They are breathtaking. Have a great time. Delisa :)

  3. You got to wonder where these little ones come up with these things! What a beautiful city to spend time in. Lucky!

  4. how fun, we just returned from seattle and are enjoying the pleasures of being home again and resting...

  5. Out of the mouths of babes!! That cracked me up!! Lovely postcard!

  6. Oh I'm so glad the weather is cooperating for your visit to Victoria. It's still a bit cool, but the rain is holding off and the sun is shining! I hope you enjoyed beautiful Butchart Gardens.

  7. Have a wonderful time on your trip! I do hope it is cooler there than here! Somehow that bucket list makes sense to me... LOL

    Enjoy the week!

  8. Oh my - I'm laughing about the three yr. old! You just never know what little ones will say!

    Glad you are having a lovely time.
    Sounds delightful. Blessings to you and yours!


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