Friday, July 29, 2011

More Postcards...


Had a great time at the oceanside yesterday. Ate lunch at a patio restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean, sailboats on the water, and seagulls hovering against blue, blue water skies (one of my favourite colour combos).

Went to the Summer Shakespeare Festival last night where we sat on a grassy knoll as performers entertained and made us laugh our way through Comedy of Errors.  Two deer wandered through the park at some point... nibbling grassy spots and peering up at the performers once in a while.   They seemed little concerned at the crowds.

The weather's been perfectly splendid for holidaying... warm but not roasting, with no signs of rain to dampen the spirits.

We're off to Vancouver today via BC Ferries. I always love that excursion across the water.  Tomorrow we have a big family get together.

Wishing you a purr-fectly beautiful weekend!


  1. Enjoy your weekend with family, Brenda! Hope it's relaxing and that you will make some wonderful memories with your loved ones. (Good memories help ease the challenge our winters bring us, I think. ;o)

  2. A purr-fect vacation/holiday.
    You are doing what I envision to be a great time.

  3. A purr-fect vacation/holiday.
    You are doing what I envision to be a great time.

  4. sounds simply marvelous-enjoy your vacation...I'm enjoying being home.

  5. Hi Brenda! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Where I used to live in California, we used to take a ferry across the channel every year to visit Catalina Island. I loved the boat rides too. They were so invigorating. Tony and I spent our honeymoon on Catalina and used to go back every year. Now that we are in Georgia, we really miss it. I hope you continue to have a lovely time and a wonderful visit! Delisa :)

  6. Sounds lovely! Happy holidaying!


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