Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I Need A Library Cart

What I need around here is one of those carts which librarians use to temporarily house library books before they get shelved. No matter how I try to return my books to their rightful place on the bookshelves when I'm done with them, veritably by the end of the week, I have piles of books by my bedside ... beside and on top of my desk in the office ... by my wing back chair in the family room ... not to mention on any other surface, including the bed, in the guest room cum library.

Too often, even though I head to the shelf with a specific book in mind, I get beguiled...hornswoggled, in fact.  My fingers caress the cover of a book I haven't seen in a while... oh my... like a long lost friend, I feel the thrill and the need to reacquaint myself.

Out it hops into my hands... what can I do?  They have feelings too, you know... no one likes to feel rejected or ignored.  Not even books................ And that's why I need a library cart.

 This one is called the Book Truck and it has six shelves.
Yes...  now that should be big enough!

I found Charlotte's Web by E.B. White at the library today.  I love reading children's books, and summer seems a grand time to kick off one's shoes and pretend they are a youngster again, with the delicious anticipation of long lazy afternoons just perfect for losing one's self in an adventure.

So, what are you reading this week?  Am I the only one who needs a library cart at home?



  1. Oh, yes! Me, too. I did a post on the books I was reading last week. I got a good case of poison ivy and stayed inside. Reading was my main distraction AND attraction.

    Today my husband and I are heading for our local library to pick up books for vacation.

    And we have stacks. All over the house. Books play a major part in my "interior decorating" :)

  2. Charlotte's Web was the first book that made me cry. I was about 12 I guess. We are getting ready to look for a new house...I'm hoping it as built in bookshelves !!!

  3. I soooo get this -- especially after working on my upstairs for the last week and trying to redecorate / organize. Ended up with all the children's books in the guest room bookshelf. I filled it. Completely. All three shelves, four feet long... Yeah. I have children's Christmas books, farm books (I love anything that has a farm!), quilting books, and a zillion Little Golden books.

    As for books by the bed, I just counted. There are ten... and I am "reading" them all! There is something about a bed and a book that is Just Right, isn't there??

    BTW, I am in love with "Gifts from the Sea." Thanks for tempting me with it!

  4. I'm reading Pencil Dancing-a self improvement book that is delightful. Fun post, I used to be a school librarian and I love books too...

  5. Oh yes! Charlotte's Web will be a delight all over again. Anything by E.B. White would be fun. Love to sit down with a book of his essays and read one or two. I never can decided upon a favorite. Oh, perhaps "Once more to the lake" for summer reading.

  6. Morning all... what a lovely treat to find your enthusiastic responses to books and book piles.

    Rebecca... you mention books playing a major part in your interior decorating..... YES... that's in my house too.

    Miss Debbie, I'm thinking, I think it was Black Beauty that made me first cry... I haven't read it since. Hope you find a house with built in bookshelves. You'll know by that that you house is reader-friendly!

    Matty... me too about the children's books, esp. farm books...

    I used to dream over the illustrations in books that had the old-fashioned family farm.. with hills in the background and a big barn and silo.

    Alas I don't have but one or two Little Golden books, but still when I bump into somewhere, I get a warm fuzzy all over me!

    Glad you LOVE Gift from the Sea too!

    Well, Lin, you'll understand for sure, being a former librarian. What a gift that must have been.

    Your current read should quite delightful -- Pencil Dancing.

    Vee, I must admit, I don't think I've ever read Charlotte's Web, even with all the hupla when it came out in a movie. But I am enjoying it now. And now that you suggest his essays, I'll be heading out to find those soon.

    Two other classics, not children's this time, that I've been reading and have never read before are W. Somerset Maughan's "The Painted Veil" (publ is 1920's) and "Cakes and Ale". Enjoyed both!

  7. Count me in too! I've stubbed my toe many times on piles of books beside my bed. I love children's books also. Each Christmas I treat myself to one. Just finished reading Anne's House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery and Emily of Deep Valley by Maud Hart Lovelace. Next up The Moffatts by Elenore Estes. Maybe all these young readers books will keep me youthful. Sometimes I just like to read a nice story with a happy ending that isn't too deep. Seems so right for summer reading.

  8. There are piles of books all over this house, too. I just finished Dickens' Bleak House (not a fan) and now I'm reading Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South - both for a course. I'm trying to restrict my reading to coursework until I'm finished, but sometimes, like you say, the books just leap into my hands. I recently reread The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I find more to like about it each time I read it.

  9. I would love a cart too!! Charlotte's Web is one of my all-time favorite books..enjoy!

  10. Oh boy, do I ever. We just finished moving and I realized my books may be out of control. The problem is I LOVE books - absolutely adore them. I go through my bookcases a couple times a year and donate books I don't think I have to keep to the library for them to sell, but it doesn't come close to keeping pace with new acquisistions. And I'll go to the bookcase and get sidetracked by other books and then I've got a stack in my hand and I get lost for hours. Love, love, love books.

  11. Hi, Brenda! I think I know what you mean. I sometimes think I need some extra bookshelves as well. Trip to Egypt and Israel was tiring, but really nice as well. I will print off some of the photos from the trip and mail them out to you soon. Latest book I got to read, and hope to read it soon, is a book titled "Beginner's Grace: Bringing Prayer to Life."



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