Friday, July 01, 2011

Canada O Canada

 Happy Birthday Canada!
'We stand on guard for thee'

It's an extra-special Canada Day this year because  Prince William and Kate 
are joining in our Canadian celebrations today!

I can still remember the year when Prince William's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana,
were touring Canada and spent Canada Day in our country. 

Wishing all my fellow Canadians a wonderful day!


  1. I forgot you celebrate your independence very close to ours...Happy hoiday!

  2. Happy Canada Day to YOU, Brenda! What special excitement it must be to have the guests in your country for this holiday!

  3. I'm not Canadian Brenda, but I live just an hour and half away from the border, so you dear Canadians are our closest neighbors. Happy Canada Day!

  4. What a great way to celebrate!! I really like those two!! Happy Canada Day!

  5. I'll be enjoying the fireworks later :)

  6. Happy Canada Day a little bit late. Hope it was wonderful.


  7. Singing, "Oh Canada"!

    Enjoy the celebrations.

  8. Happy Canada Day, dear one. We appreciate having you as our neighbor. Did you get to see Prince Wm and Kate?


  9. Hi Brenda! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Thank you for the kind email you sent the other day! I am still taking a little break from my blog, but I will be up and writing again soon. I love the post you did on the dew drops! What a great picture. We have been having some pretty wild and crazy rain here in Georgia the last couple of weeks. It has been very hot with temperatures in the 100's and high 90's. Then in the afternoon the storms have been blowing through. I'm not complaining though because we sure need the rain. :) I am also continuing to enjoy the book mark you sent me! I have it sitting in my little sewing basket that holds my scissors and knitting accessories. Every day I catch a lovely light whiff of fragrance on the air! Have a good evening ahead! Delisa :)


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