Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Summertime Pleasures: Lemonade



"I don't really care
if my glass is half full or half empty --
I'm just happy to have a glass."
~ Joe Farrell

Half full or half empty,
I really enjoy a glass of sparkling homemade lemonade
this time of year!

I learned a trick from a friend who grew up in Trinidad, West Indies
-- add a drop or two of anise essence for an exotic twist.

Wishing you a a beautiful day,


  1. Oh now that does sound good!

  2. thanks, I wouldn't mind just some simple lemonade...

  3. Enjoy your cold drink. Here's hoping that lemonade wasn't made from those proverbial unwanted lemons!

  4. Love your sparkling picture Brenda! That is just beautiful. I love lemonade too. I just bought a bottle of Lorina's sparkling lemonade today. I first tasted it years ago when I was Europe and there is a store here that just started carrying it. It is a real treat. I also enjoy a sprig of mint in my lemonade. A little splash of rum in the lemonade is also wonderful! :) Have a good evening! Delisa :)

  5. What an interesting flavor combination! I think I'd like that!

  6. You pour and I'll be there as soon as I can!

  7. I'm glad a have a glass too. No matter if it is half-full or half-empty. Thanks for sharing that bit of wisdom.


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