Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dust Abounds...

But where dust abounds, grace abounds much more!

I moved the bed out from the wall this morning to change the linens.  Thought I should just see what's behind there.  Bad idea... now I feel this great need to pull everything out from the walls. As you can guess from my title we found a few hibernating bunnies of the dust species along the baseboards.  

But then we experienced a sweet moment.  For nestled under there as well were two little balls Miss Kitty used to love to play with -- she was a master at goal tending when we batted them around for her.  I sure miss her purry presence, but it doesn't feel so sharp in the heart as it first did.
Back to the cleaning at hand, I went Googling to see if anyone had gathered a list of interesting quotes on cleaning -- found some at Household Management 101. Here are three I thought were fun:

The Law of Window Cleaning: It's on the other side
~ Unknown

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing
is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.
~ Phyllis Diller

The only advantage of not being too good a housekeeper
is that your guests are so pleased
to feel how very much better they are.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

* * * * *

On that note, I best get back to my dust bunny dilemma....

It's all about making our lives more beautiful,
even under the bed.  Enjoy your day.



  1. You have obviously never watched a horror movie! You NEVER look under the bed! EVER!! :O

    We have found two of Kashi's balls this past year. He left us two years ago. Somehow, it makes us smile to roll them and hear them jingle just as they did when he was here...

  2. Mmmm... Matty... thanks for the reminder. LOL I do recall childhood memories of watching some thriller or another on TV (they had those B movies as midnight watchers when I was growing up) and then racing up the stairs to my room and leaping with GREAT energy from the doorway into my bed, because there probably were something waiting to grab my ankle as I went by....

    Fortunately dust bunnies are benign!

  3. It really does make me feel better to know that others have dust bunnies now and then:)

    Great quotes, too, Brenda!

    Yesterday I was so excited to open the envelope I received from Canada. The scent was amazing. Thank you!

  4. You will probably sleep like a baby.
    I always do when I remove the dust bunnies from under my bed!
    How sweet that you found those little balls that belonged to Miss Kitty.

  5. After we had to put down our dog Teddy, I found a bird's nest made from his fur in the hedgerow. I treasured it for a long time, until it fell off the shelf and our new pup destroyed it. We cleaned under the beds last weekend. I tell you, my sinuses feel a lot better! The quotes gave me a chuckle. Thanks! I needed that today. I'm feeling pretty crabby because the thermometer is getting close to 100!

  6. Love your quotes - especially the Phyllis Diller one - isn't that the truth!

  7. don't remind my of dust bunnies or dirty windows....

  8. Hi Brenda, it sounds like you had a very productive day! It was a good reminder, I don't think our bed has been moved in a quite awhile either. I love the quotes, especially the one by Eleanor Roosevelt. I am so glad you found Miss Kitty's toys. It will be a little treasure to remember her by. I hope you rest well tonight knowing your bed is dust bunny-free! Nothing like a good early summer "spring" clean. Have a lovely evening! Delisa :)

  9. I especially like the third quote!

  10. Thanks for visiting me! I've been moving some furniture in preparation for selling our house and I have been finding my share of dust bunnies or hares (they're bigger aren't they?) :-) Love the quote about the windows..."it's on the other side"...made me chuckle! Nice meeting you!

  11. Too funny. I pulled the nightstand out from its corner a couple weeks ago and discovered the dust bunnies had had baby dust bunnies. I had to pull everything out, too - once I discover it needs to be cleaned, it will bug me if I don't handle it. :) Love the Gardens of the World, too. I've never seen that, I'll have to look it up.

  12. I just finished sweeping up a few colonies of dust bunnies myself!

    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such a lovely note. You're welcome to visit any time.


  13. Thank you, Brenda, for your visit and comment. Oh yes, there is lots more Elizabeth Goudge for you to enjoy...though these days it's not so easy to find most of her books.

    I know how bittersweet it must have been to find your kitty's toys. I also have a Miss Kitty and she's getting up there in age. I'm sad your Miss Kitty is no longer with you.

    You found some great quotes...I especially like Eleanor Roosevelt's I think. Makes me feel better about my not so perfect housekeeping!

  14. Thank you for your visit and comment. Oh yes, you have a lot of enjoyment ahead of you reading Elizabeth Goudge...though many of her works are no longer so easy to find, even in libraries, these days. I have managed to collect most of them over the years at used bookstores, particularly

    I know how bittersweet it must have been to find your kitty's toys. I also have a Miss Kitty, and she's getting rather elderly.

    You found some great quotes...I think my favorite is Eleanor Roosevelt's!

  15. I am not moving my bed anytime in the next two weeks. :D

  16. What great quotes!I love the window cleaning's always on the other side in my house!

  17. Brenda, I love the thought that all my guests must be so pleased with themselves when they come to my house these days (Thanks, E.R.)! :) I am once again catching up on reading and visiting.


  18. I can relate to Eleanor Roosevelt's comment very well.

  19. Ah, cleaning. I've been trying to do a little of that myself today. Thanks for your account and for the inspirational quotes. I especially liked the one from Eleanor Roosevelt :)


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