Monday, May 23, 2011

Writers, Are You Stuck for Words?

Could this be the problem?

Happy Day!


  1. I love Calvin and Hobbes! Yes, I get writer's block all the time. There are a few things I have learned to do that help me through it. Sometimes I think about the emotion I want to convey in the piece that I am writing and then put on some music that sounds like the feeling. Then there are times when I look for an inspiring quotation or beautiful pictures, and use that as a jumping off point. I also have a little notebook I keep to jot down all my ideas as they come, and then when I am stuck I will go back and read it. I hope this helps a little bit. The nice thing about writer's block is that it always goes away! Have a nice evening! Delisa :)

  2. I love Calvin and Hobbs. They are always bring a smile! (-:

  3. so that's what it looks!

  4. Writer's block - from abstract to concrete. I love it. Next time I have writer's block I'll imagine a block of wood sitting on my desk and think of ways I can move it off.

  5. hee hee
    Sometimes I think that block is on my shoulders, not on my desk! lol

  6. lol - I adore Calvin and Hobbs. :) Hope you're having a lovely week.


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