Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations to the Royal Couple

We stayed up! We watched! We cheered!

We loved the dress --
She looked sooo beautiful and happy!

We enjoyed all the regal pomp and ceremony
and the wonderful music!

We admired the creative hats and fascinators!

While they continue to celebrate,
I'm off for a wee nap!

Congratulations to
William and Catherine
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

May joy and sweet friendship
be yours all the days of your lives!



  1. Wasn't it wonderful, Brenda?!

  2. I warched too!
    Then went to work.
    (Now I'm feeling it.)

    Wasn't it wonderferul?
    Couldn't believe the crowds.
    And then to top it off, two kisses!!

  3. I loved it!! I remember watching Princess Di get married when I was 12, then of course glued to the tv for her death and now to rejoice again as her oldest is married!!!

  4. My friends and I stayed up and watched, too. It was absolutely perfect. We adored everything. They look so happy ~ it was just lovely.

  5. I really like your new blog site. It is beautiful. I watched the wedding tonight on my computer. It was very nice. Duchess Catherine has such a beautiful smile. - Ruth

  6. She did look beautiful didn't she! It was a beautiful wedding. William looked very happy and elegant as well. I am the same age, Princess Diana would have been had she lived and I remember watching her wedding with Prince Charles as if were yesterday. My mother and I even cut out pictures at the time and made a scrap book. It was fun to take it out and look at it today, it brought back many happy memories. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Delisa :)

  7. Lovely tribute Brenda!
    My sister had us over for a "Royal Wedding-Viewing Brunch" We made some great memories. What a special day! I will try to post pics in few days.


  8. Ah, the fascinators! That may have been my favorite part!


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