Monday, January 03, 2011


Have been thinking about the New Year... dreamin' about the possibilities and promises for the weeks and months ahead.  Trying NOT to make plans that have any sense of  'should' in them, but allowing the joy that bubbles up in my heart to lead the way to a Happy New Year.  I will chat more about that later.

I  just finished reading a wonderful posting by Tish about resolutions over at A Femme d'Un Certain Age.  All about resolutions (or not), you might also enjoy her thoughtful, humorous, and inspiring thoughts on this annual topic.

Enjoy your day... don't forget to watch for those glimpses of heaven in unexpected places!



  1. I'm looking!

    That is a beautiful header. What are the berries?

  2. Love the idea of having coffee with one's sweetie - we do that every morning for almost an hour - now that we're retired!

  3. Karin, we used to have coffee first thing in the morning together too (when hubby first retired)... it was always such a wonderful start to the day. Then when he decided to find a little job, his hours are early-early morning, which changed the dynamics altogether (for now). He leaves at 3:30am and I'm not up for coffee at the wee time of the day!

    Christine.. the berries are from our mountain ash tree. The cedar waxwings love the berries and sometime during the season a flock will swoop in and devour the lot! Makes 'em tipsy.. kinda funny to see them that way.

  4. Yes, it does sound like a great way to begin the week! Off to follow your link.

  5. That is a beautiful header (someone said that already!) You always have such nice photos to go with your posts. blessings in the new year

  6. Lovely header! What a perfect sight to wake to in the morning!

  7. we had a snowstorm this morning our first for the winter then a fun lunch with my friend Caryn followed by a poetry WORDshop that I teach-fulfilling day so far.

  8. Time with your sweetie is a great way to start the new year! I hope yours is full of wonderful surprises!

  9. No better way to start the New Year, as you say, in the presence of your Sweetie and with thoughts turned toward our Saviour! Blessings to you in this New Year!

  10. Thank you for coming by Granny's Best and leaving your sweet comment! Blessings!

  11. I am sure your "sweetie" enjoyed having a break for coffee with you too.Nice picture.

  12. That is certainly a great way to start a Monday!

  13. Coffee with my sweetie every day is one of my favorite pasttimes, too. I think they'll serve coffee at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb...



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