Friday, December 03, 2010

Three Beautiful Things

I met three new 'kindred  spirit' bloggers who have added another touch of beauty and grace to my life. When I happened to find their sites, I got the feeling that these individuals are also glimps-ers of heaven in unexpected places.  Let me introduce you:

ONE. Claire at Three Beautiful Things blogs because every day she wants to record three things that have given her pleasure.  To be aware of that which gives you pleasure, you'd have to be paying attention to them, wouldn't you, instead of the 'ikky' ones?  I like her focus.
TWO. Stephen at Grow Mercy shares his thoughts in one posting that the way we answer our doors can be a glimpse of the way we deal with the world.  As I thought about it, I saw, that even in answering my door, I have discovered another small gesture by which  I can live my life more beautifully, more grace-filled.
THREE. Mary at Green Paper delights her readers with some of the prettiest vintage imagery and then offers some of it free for people to use in their artwork.  I had so much fun browsing through her delightful site -- a real treasure trove.

Wishing you a beautiful day!


  1. What a lovely post, thank you for adding me to such wonderful company!

  2. Hi Brenda, I love the photo at the top of your blog. It's so cozy. Words of appreciation are up there for me too.



  3. I love vintage...these sound like great blogs...will have to stop by!

  4. we are each unique and can gain so much from interacting or blogging!


To My Beautiful Readers,

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

Thank you so much for leaving your 'footprint' here in my comment box. I do appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts today.

Brenda xox

PS. I do not always comment here, but I do look forward to coming and visiting you....