Wednesday, December 08, 2010

There Are Enough Readers For Everyone

In the midst of our Christmas preparations we all know our regular lives carry on as usual. And that's why I wanted to share something one of my favourite author bloggers, Jody Hedlund, said in her recent post about dealing with the green-eyed monster.

What really made me sit up and notice was when Jody said that there's enough readers for everyone. In my own musings about jealousy, wondering why it tends to show up in my own life, it seems to stem from the idea of lack and feeling left out (I think the root might be a poverty mindset; the idea being, if you get something, maybe there isn't enough for me too).

But there is enough for everyone, of everything we could ever need or desire... including readers for our writings. If we feel God's called us to write, you don't think He already has the readers in mind who will benefit from what we share?

Maybe our job is not to worry about the readers at this point; we just need to write. Whether it's on our blogs, in articles, teaching how-to manuals, books --whatever-- let's not try to be the writer and the publisher at the same time. One hat at a time.

Of course, maybe everyone reading this already figured this out. I do know I am grateful for this reminder today. It's freeing! Which has added something beautiful to my day.

Here's wishing you great joy and freedom,


  1. This is freeing, Brenda, and something I realized awhile ago. But jealousy rears its ugly head and I need to be reminded time and again.

  2. Over the last few months GOD has given me a glimpse into something I never thought of...many have said, "Oh I enjoyed your post, etc." These comments have not been in the comment section on my blog. They have been in the most unexpected places. One was while I was standing in line waiting to vote (local elections). The poll person grew up with my husband and reads my blog through my husbands facebook acct where he posts it. Who would have thought? Time and time again and just when I am discouraged about my inability to keep up GOD blesses my heart with a little comment. Indeed, HE gave us the words and HE knows who needs to read them.

  3. it is so difficult to be the writer and publisher both...I'm in the midst of dealing with the jealousy god as my friend Caryn moved into town and there are three of us to interact-more is better. So I am learning to share...

  4. I agree. this was a very encouraging comment. I came across Jody's blog after you recommended it at the conference. She has lots of good info to share

  5. Hi Brenda, haven't been around much. Not feeling well there for awhile and making all handmade gifts. I am finally caught now and am enjoying visiting. Great post for today. I changed my address and lost all my followers but never bother to look at the number anymore. It doesn't matter. I enjoyed your previous post too. Christmas blessings to you and family.

  6. I loved this...I think we all feel insecure if we write something and no one comments...I have caught myself doing that on numerous occasions!! thanks for this reminder!

  7. I believe this too, the God somehow leads us to drink in the right places.
    And his message can come to us from the different bloggers and their stories.

  8. Always good to be reminded that there is enough readers for all of us writers. Sometimes we need to remember how big the world is.

  9. I actually follow a blog whose author does not invite comments. Her writing is just out there to bless others without inviting a two-way conversation. I suppose one could write an e-mail, but that's more than I have time for. Interesting to read how God is at work in all of us. Blessings!

  10. Oh yes I agree...the pie can be as big as it needs to be...we put the on the limits.

  11. I so totally agree with this post and I am so glad to have your blog.

  12. I completely agree. And it is a wonderful reminder. It can be difficult when you think no one is paying attention, that's for sure.


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