Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fabric, Tissue Paper and Christmas Dresses

 Me and Little Sis

It's the time of year when we not unwrap precious tree ornaments from crinkly tissue paper. It's also a time when we allow the memories of Christmases past to flow back into our streams of consciousness.

Today on my group blog, I posted a short piece in which I share memories of the pretty new dresses my mom used to create for us at Christmas. Mom recalls that she grew up getting a new outfit at Christmas and she brought that tradition into her own family.  As children, it was always a JOY to arrive at the annual Christmas Eve Concert bedecked in our newest finery.

Hope you've got lots of your own special childhood memories that are just as precious to you as any family heirloom.  Here's the LINK to read the complete post.

It's almost Christmas,

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  1. what fun dresses...I remember my grandmother saying she got two new dresses/year and they were well off-one at Christmas and one for July 4th!


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