Friday, November 05, 2010

Want To Know What Unstuck It?

After feeling like I didn't have any well-formulated ideas to share on my blog just the other day (because I'm hammering out some too-new learning curves, ideas, and projects), suddenly something changes!

It feels like a water dam bursting open... energized words gushing out all over. For example, two posts in two hours... one on either side of midnight so you get something new each day! Not to mention the one for today several minutes later.

So what unlocked what seemed like a beaver dam's worth of log jam this week?

40-day fanatical challenge that arrived in my in-box from the Association of Stay at Home Women.  The leaders of this dynamic association, of which I am a member, challenged us to to take up the challenge to keep 'moving forward in a powerful way through the fall, winter and holidays'.  We were to set some goals, business or personal, that will give us a run for our money (in some cases, literally)... 'transforming bodies, businesses and bank accounts!'

I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I could already feel the energy levels rising and I've been bubbling over with enthusiasm (not to mention words), that I don't want to go to bed... I might miss something!

Here are my goals for the next 40 days:

1.  Although I've been a member of AWHW for several months, I've been too busy (or disorganized) to really make use of the forums and other great resources available to me. So my goal is to connect every day over the next 40 days.

2.  Finish a free 5-lesson e-course I've designed for 'traditional' writers who want to learn how to blog but are too afraid to start. I'm working on Lesson 3. (The first two lessons are already out there to students).

3.  Implement 3 or 4 ways to re-purpose this material, which also includes material from a blogging workshop I did at a writers' conference recently.

4.  Clear out the excess clutter in my email in-box from 'voices' I don't need to listen to right now. (I signed up for way too much free stuff, like reports, articles, webinars.  My in-box has turned into a nightmare that's glazing my eyes over.) WARNING -- do not get greedy for more information...only read what you plan to implement immediately!

5.  Post at least 3 - 4 times a week on my blog.

6.  Keep working on getting my new website ready for BIZ.

7.  Having been inspired from Donna Kozik's empowering webinar, Write A Book In A Weekend, I will finish the first draft for a 'short, but powerful' book (64 pages minimum).

8.  Get back to my exercise class at the gym.  I hear they miss me... I miss them too.

These goals might just be crazy enough to accomplish. I'm taking Tim Ferris's advice to set almost impossible goals (it pushes you to stay focused and on track).  I think God's chuckling at this with me.... He's certainly into MISSION impossible.

The enthusiasm I feel right now should make for a beautiful November!

Still bubbling,


  1. You never know what will work, but keeping plugging along will make it more likely. Glad the writing is coming more easily now!

  2. Wow!! You will be busy in the upcoming months. Your goals are inspiring. Have fun!!!!!

  3. When you get inspired, it inspires us. Your new blog look is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this post. It is so interesting!

  4. good for you, keep dancing and writing. Sometimes a lull is just what we get going again stronger.

  5. Wow, great post! Especially the bit about getting too many info emails that no longer match what you need to know - I've done a cull too.

    And thank you so much for your very kind and timely comments. I was so astonished that anyone would choose to follow my blog when all I was posting was occasional pieces of sad news. It made me think about the phrase 'a friend in need...'

  6. You all blow me away with your kind responses.........

    Floss, there was something about your site that made me want to stay!

  7. I see the exercise class is no. 8 on your list Brenda, I am assumng this list is no particular order! Hehehe :)

    Keep being inspired then we will be also.

    Have a lovely day.
    Pam x

  8. Pam... no particular order on that goals list, but it would be down there anyways (LOL). Even though I work it it being a non-negotiable, it still is something I have to work at.

    oh well.........


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