Friday, October 15, 2010

The Simple Beauty of A Cupcake

My sister makes the BEST carrot cake.

Over the years she's perfected her recipe
and we're always glad when she says she's making carrot cake
for a family occasion.

The most recent and enjoyable event was for her son's wedding.
The bride asked for carrot cake disguised as wedding cupcakes.

For the recipe and photos, stop for a sweet treat at 30yearsworth.

I'm off to visit my mom!  Enjoy your day too!



  1. How wonderful! I've copied and printed the recipe - I just love carrot cake. The cupcakes are beautiful.

  2. haven't had a cupcake in years since I found out I have diabetes. will have to make some sugar free ones...

  3. Those are gorgeous...I'm off to check them out!

  4. Everyone should have a signature "dish". Your sister went all out with hers.

  5. Nice to find you here, Brenda. My but you are a busy gal! Blessings.


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