Monday, October 04, 2010

It Was Lovely

My corsage as Mistress of Ceremonies

Autumn Theme Bouquets

The Happy Couple


  1. How beautiful! How happy they are! Congratulations to the lovely couple!

  2. those cupcakes look dreamy. happy wedding I can tell.

  3. So how was it as, Mistress of Ceremonies? You corsage was beautiful!

    Cute couple and great "cake".

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos of a very special event. Congrats to the newlyweds!

  5. Just beautiful. I wish I could reach in and grab one of those cupcakes!

  6. Everything looks so beautiful...
    The bride, the groom, the corsage, flower arrangement and let`s not forget the cake/cupcakes!
    Wishing many happy years together... to the newly wed couple!


  7. Beautiful couple! Love this trend toward cupcakes instead of a large much easier and every bit as pretty. Your corsage is beautiful, too. So what's the next big thing coming up? Oh, forget that I asked...I know! Thanksgiving!!

  8. Since I am helping to plan our daughter's wedding, I really enjoyed the fact that you shared some pictures of this truly beautiful event. What a creative bride she must be. Your coursage is beautiful!

  9. I love the cupcakes! Wish I'd thought of that 36 years ago. :)

  10. The bride was indeed beautiful, and we hope they have a beautiful life ahead of them...


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