Saturday, September 04, 2010

Some of the Best Conversations

Some of the best conversations (or the silliest) that happen are those off-the-cuff kind. Like when my sister and I start google-talking to each other on our respective computers. One nephew pointed out to us once that online chats are meant for short, quick interactions. Oh... well, your mother and I have taken that to a whole new level.

We are also known to switch topics with such nano-second speed it would make a man's eyes spin; yet we somehow manage to stay on track. Anyways, rather than try and think up something new for a post, here's a snippet from a recent conversation.

The Setting:

Sis and I are looking online for local cupcake shops
Sis is making cupcakes for son's upcoming wedding -- today is practice day

The Conversation:

 Me: Check out Hey Cupcake Bakery.

Sis: Cool! And they offer catfish coffee too, that sounds intriguing!

Me: Didn't see that. Look in gallery... they have a pic of a 'wedding cake' set up

Sis: Okay. nice.

Me: I made a quick corn chowder.... poured too much Worcestershire sauce in it....
blah... didn't realise the bottle top was busted and it poured out.

Sis: bummer

Me: Maybe I'll rename it Worcestershire soup and hope for the best.

Sis:  LOL. Did you check your email for the cupcake pictures?

Me: Maybe I'll go get some cupcakes and forget lunch...
except a certain person in this household thinks that 3-squares
are part of the marriage vows... lol

Sis:  LOL, indeed!

Me: Said person also mentioned that a perfect wife
should check the oil in the car once in a while too.

Sis: 3 squares and oil!  Maybe those vows need reworking!

Me: LOLing... We were filling the car at the gas station this morning.
 A woman was checking the tires of their 5th-wheel.
Her hubby was conveniently standing near by reading the instruction book.

Sis: LOL

Me: That's when said husband pipes up and says, 'See, his wife does tires too.'

Sis:  lol and snorting

Me:  Don't pee

Sis: Karen and I were laughing about that...
we want to be independent and so on, but we want the man to check the tires!

Me:  true...
 hold on... I have to go check my Worcestershire soup

Sis:  k

Me:  Actually it's not as strong now that it's been simmering a bit....
maybe it boils off like wine.

Sis: could be...


You'll notice we never did get back to the cupcakes. And, now I need to go and see if my chowder really is ruined or not. I'm still heading out to find that cupcake shop.

Enjoy the rest of your day -- I certainly will!


  1. Hi Brenda,
    I enjoyed "eavesdropping:" if I really had been I would have been discovered when the quip about checking tires was made!

    I'm glad I took the time to drop in! Life gets ahead of me many times...


  2. Said sister here; I'm thinking that conversation surely qualifies as off-the-cuff AND silly!

    Still love your new header photo.
    You go, girl!

  3. I do that too, cause while you're waiting for them to type in a response you can think of another topic to keep it going faster. lol!

  4. Very interesting , 10 subjects in 5 minutes , Your sister and I had a few of those times too,her son was listening and rolling his eyes at us.


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