Monday, September 13, 2010

I Have Been...

Enjoying the book Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt. I was drawn to the title - wouldn't you be?  Roger Rosenblatt's daughter, who is a gifted doctor and married with 3 children, suddenly dies. Rosenblatt and his wife, Ginny, leave their home in Long Island to move in with their son-in-law, Harris, and their three young grandchildren. Although Rosenblatt shares the intense grief and pain, he does it in such a way that doesn't  pull you into sadness. In fact, there are some pretty humorous stories as they remember, adjust, and move into the rhythms of this new normal, which includes preparing the morning toast perfectly to each child's liking.

Taking Cold FX capsules to ward off a cold (which in the end didn't totally ward off') so we still sound a bit husky and deep in the throat. But we're on the mend.

Washing some of my pretty  china teacups and saucers from my collection, in preparation for a Ladies Tea my church is hosting tomorrow afternoon. It's been a while since I used so many at one time.  I forgot how pretty they were -- don't use them as much as I used to.

Watching the trees move into their autumn colours these past few days. Our Virginia Creeper, which climbs up a good part of our fence, is turning beautiful shades of red.

Thinking about what to make for supper tonight.  I think homemade pasta sauce, spaghetti, and Italian sausages will fit the bill on this overcast day.

That's all for now,


  1. Making Toast sound like a winner--I will look for it. I love true life stories with substance.

    We had a ladies tea at our church in April, and it was delightful.

    Hope your'e feeling better, friend.

    Audience of ONE

  2. I love the picture in your header. Glad to hear you are on the mend...

  3. sounds like you are moving gracefully into fall-even with a cold coming on. get well soon.

  4. I love reading about the small pleasures of everyday. Our Virginia Creeper is also turning red on the fence outside my office window. So very pretty.

    Enjoy the day!

  5. Your post got lost at the bottom of my list...I hate when that happens. I'm always interested in what you've or anyone...I'm a pushover for a book review.

    Glad that you are on the mend...the first cold of the new cold season is always miserable.

  6. Sounds like a well rounded day!
    I hope you enjoyed the tea!

    I need a punctuation mark which is somewhere between a period and an exclamation mark....

  7. I know I already commented on this post, but I've been thinking about you and the other Inscribers meeting next week. I hope your presentation on blogging goes well. I'd love to be with you all, perhaps once this degree is finished with I'll rejoin the group. Writing is something I can't stop doing, even if it's just my blog.

    blessings to all the Inscribers,

  8. I love it when you share your thoughts. Makes me feel closer to you.

  9. How was your ladies' tea?

    I love the preparation as well...handling the tea cups and observing the inscriptions my mother put on the bottom of each cup...remembering those I love, where my cups have been - packed in missionary barrels, there and back...and then the laughter of friends who are meant to feel special round a table of lace and sugar clumps!

    I'm sure your tea-time was all you'd planned it to be.

    So sorry about your cold and hope you are feeling much improved!

  10. Your garden is as beautiful as I've seen anywhere. Hope that cold is better. The book sounds like a good one.

  11. Thanks for all your good wishes... yes, we're on the mend and feeling much better! I hate when that sneaks up on a person... I'm usually able to nip it before it turns into anything. ah well.

    Yes, the Tea was a hit! Our original anticipation was about 20-30 ladies who would register, and we got over 60! We were in close 'fellowship' but we had enough teacups and lots of sweet treats for everyone!

    Wishing you grace-filled autumny days!


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