Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grey is Beautiful

Who needs Christmas baubles when you've got black grackles?

Woke up to another grey-filled dawn with not even a hint of sunshine lurking behind clouds. At first I felt a slight groan -- what, no sun again today?

In keeping with grateful thoughts I realized, however, grey is beautiful compared to waking up to floods, hurricanes, or fires. Which makes my thoughts rush to the folks in California who just experienced that horrific gas line fire. I'm sure they'd be wishing for something as predictable and ordinary as a cloudy September morning in shades of grey. We pray for grace and more grace for all the families and community.

In the midst of this busy week, I have the chance to read a delightful book. If you like the ambience of the English countryside, you won't want to miss the 1939 classic Mrs. Miniver by Jan Struther. Set just before the Second World War, the author takes ordinary, little events and shares the 'facts, feelings and ideas' that make up her life as an English wife and mother.    

If you follow the above link, you'll find some interesting tidbits written about the author's family, on which the stories are based, as well as an authorized internet version of the whole book. So if you can't find a paper copy, thanks to modern technology, you can still have the pleasure of reading it.

I liked the book so well, I went in search of the 1942 wartime movie at the library. Hubby and I had the pleasure of watching it the other evening. As charmingly as Greer Garson plays Mrs. Miniver, I must admit I am still more smitten with the book version of Mrs. Miniver.

Below I've shared an excerpt from the A Celebration of Women's Writers
"Readers may remember that in the film's opening scene, Mrs. Miniver gets off a bus and rushes back to a shop, having had second thoughts about buying an expensive and rather ridiculous hat. This is loosely based on an incident in the book."

"Mrs. Miniver does dither over buying something. She does get off the bus and scurry through crowded streets to see if it is still for sale. But it isn't a hat, it is an engagement diary in green lizard at 7s.6d. This is much more characteristic of the real Mrs. Miniver, who rightly feels that a diary has to give pleasure throughout the year. It is one of those trivial objects made momentous by its "terrible intimacy", and the dull brown calf one she had first chosen for 3s.9d. would not do. There you have the difference between the character Greer Garson played and the one created by Jan Struther."
Mrs. Miniver seemed to know how to keep the beauty alive in spite of the uglies of looming war. Perhaps that's what speaks to me. Every age has its troubled times, and in the midst of it all, we can remember that a rose is still as beautiful even if the surroundings are a pigpen. I think that's what helps us to keep on keepin' on when the days are grey, don't you?

I just realized what date it is today..... and so I add my prayers and thoughts for our American friends as we remember together 9/11.

Wishing you glimpses of heaven
in unexpected places to brighten your day.



  1. That's one book I've been wanting to read, but I will watch the movie first. I don't like books to ruin my movies and there's no way for a movie to do justice to a book. You'd probably agree!

  2. good positive thoughts and outlook...

  3. what a simpleton that i never thought
    the movie was based on a book. i love
    the movie, so i must adore the book.

    thank you for the wonderful review.


  4. Lovely thoughts for the day! More and more I am thinking about how we must find beauty in the world -- even though it is rather dismal at times! Thanks for the reminder!




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