Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Johnny Jump Ups

Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty
out-values all the utilities of the world.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

My johnny-jump-ups (aka as violas) have been jumping up in my garden this summer in the most interesting places. They seem to love nestling 'betwixt and between' slate stepping stones and sidewalk crevices, surprising a person one morning by jumping up of the blue. We could call that 'catching glimpses of heaven in unexpected places'.

I found this wonderful Emerson quote at Bella's The Art of Living Beautifully where she so creatively shares her love of all things beautiful.  Thanks, Bella, for the inspiration!



  1. Love those volunteer little Johnny Jump Ups! They always paste a smile on my face - blooming wherever!

    Oh, and I didn't get to catch the sunset you mentioned, but had front row seat on the thunder and lightening spectacular the other night.

    Home today, nursing a head-cold. No fun! Trying to cheer myself up reading some blogs.

  2. What pretty the name and the quote!

  3. Ahhh, then yours have been planted in the garden and are stretching out. I did read that they spread fast, but that no one usually thinks of them as invasive. Mine johnny-jump-ups are so sick that they're in hospital just now. If they get better, I'm planting them in the garden. If not, I'm tossing them over the banking where my poinsettia is growing very well.

  4. delightful little plants...

  5. I love these! I thought they were called violas. My grandma's name was Viola and she grew pansies, so I love any flowers of the pansy family. Aren't they so sweet?

  6. lovely quote! And lovely Johnny Jump Ups. Aren't they named so appropriately?? I think the angels put them where we will be surprised and reminded of He Who Put Them There! :)

  7. Love love love Johnny Jump Ups! I agree with Matty - when I see them in unexpected places I just smile and remind myself how good my God is. Lovely photo of your pretties.
    Blessings from Arizona,


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