Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Slight Shift

You wake up and there it is ... the shift in the season ... barely there, but you feel it. I know many of you have been experiencing intense heat this summer, so I know you'll be looking forward to cooler days.  But I must admit, here in northerly Alberta, for all the nice days we've had, some of us are still waiting for 'real' summer.

By that, I mean, just a  few of those hotter 'dog-days' of summer, where you feel the sun belting out the heat and you hunt for cool spots in which to melt into your Iced Mocca. And  yes, even to hear people gently complaining about how they just couldn't sleep last night cause it's way too hot.

Of course that could still happen -- we've had some really hot Augusts in years past. I remember the time when my girlfriend and I went to Trinidad to visit her family one year. By the end of the three weeks, I was so ready to come back to cooler Alberta, only to find it was as hot here as there. That felt so odd!  

Since it's cooler and a little rainy this morning, it might call for an extra cup of steaming coffee.  Maybe even head over to Cafe Haven and let them create one of their famous lattes for me.

On that note, we're off to enjoy another day. We've got writing projects on the go, a painting job in one of my bathrooms (changing the colour scheme), and preparations in the works for company coming in a few days.

So I wish you an enjoyable day, whatever you are up to!




  1. It was 58 degrees when I went out for my 6:30 am walk and still a little cool later for water aerobics. Fall is coming here though the highs are still 100+.

  2. I know what you mean. I live in Southern California and we have only had a couple days of 80-plus weather - and that was back in June! It's so odd, because usually things have warmed up by now, but it's only in the 70s this week - pleasant, but not exactly summery, either. We had the coldest July in 77 years. My friends back East are positively roasting.
    And I have to tell you - I just love your sunflower header - it's beautiful!

  3. We're welcoming cooler temperatures and light rain after another stretch where it's been Too Darn Hot :-) Maybe that's the beginning of the shift here.

    Lots of stuff going on at your house. Remember to take time to take it easy...

  4. Ah, be fortunate to have such temperate days -- it's been almost 100 degrees daily here in Washington, D.C., for the past month! Today is a smidge cooler -- 88, last I checked -- and it's probably going to stay in the 90s through the end of September, at least. I'm definitely ready for sweaters, scarves and pumpkin spice lattes!

  5. It was 69 when I went to the berry field; however, it was a balmy 82 when I left. Ick.

    Enjoy these 'dog days.' We will miss them in January!

    BTW, I love love love the little bee and flower pic! Too cute!

  6. Like you I'm waiting for "summer" to hit. But I've noticed the shortening days and some cooler evening temperatures lately so I think you're right, there's a shift in the air.

  7. It seems that we're all slightly disgruntled no matter what our weather. It's cooler than it has been (in the mid 80sF), but the humidity is nasty. There are so few truly perfect weather days.

    A second cup of coffee sounds delightful and a rainy day sounds lovely, too.

  8. you are making me long for colorado

    if you want some summer, come visit
    me way down here. :)

  9. I've gotta get me some of that coffee - presented as in your photo! Looks yummy! Love your sunflower header. Thank you Lord for a cooler night tonight! The dog days may yet arrive but I certainly don't crave them! I would love a perfect fall though until end of November though!!

  10. Loved getting your comments about the weather in your corners of the world. Thank you SO much for leaving your 'footprint'.... with all the rain I had here today, hope you didn't get stuck in the mud!!

  11. Alberta sounds like the place I should be living. The last few weeks, each time I look at my car thermometer, it was in the 90 degrees and above, with high humidity. But, like you I see the shift coming. Fall is the most beautiful season I my eyes.

    Your new blog look is so beautifully done! Your coffee picture is perfect!

  12. Last evening it felt downright fallish if not worse. Dark, cold, wet. Our bowls of steaming hot borscht felt just right for supper! What's your new color scheme?

  13. I'm glad someone is having cooler weather, because Charlotte certainly is not! I can feel a shift in the season though. Can't wait for a little cooler weather! Have a great weekend!


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