Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dare I ? ? ?


I went looking for a graphic yesterday to include in my upcoming newsletter. Happened upon one from glitter-graphics... which, I'll have you know, I did not use for my newsletter (heehee).

However, after having debated just a moment about whether it was unladylike and improper to post here, we decided surprises are sometimes the order of the day -- after all, who doesn't need a little comic 'relief' now and again to lighten our days.

So.... if you're curious..........

scroll down...........

further down...........


And, here we used to think they just didn't want their skirts dragging in the muddy streets!

Oh what a relief!


  1. Loved it! An early morning chuckle!! C

  2. ha ha ha ha ahhhhhh ha ha hahahaha
    I love the diversity of your posts.

  3. So that's what the ladies were doing!
    Comic relief is always needed.


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