Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bright and Beautiful

Thought I'd share a little of this and a little of that today... 

Miss Kitty in the Queen's Chair


"...your vocation is to speak from the place
in you where God dwells."
~ Henri J.M. Nouwen
The Inner Voice of Love, p. 99

"It's important to empower people to say
that you don't have to be an expert;
you can begin with what you know
and build on that."
~ Margaret Hensel
(from a gardening magazine)

I just visited these for the first time today.


1--Finding a cozy spot in the sun and
feeling its warmth on my face.

2--Watching for the first siting
of our family of tree swallows.

3--Breathing in that earthy smell as
grass greens and tree buds swell.

4--Flinging open the windows and
letting in the first breezes of Spring.


1--The Inner Voice of Love
A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom
by Henri J.M. Nouwen

2--Days Off
by Henry Van Dyke, 1907
"I MEAN THAT every man owes it to himself to have some days in his life when he escapes from bondage, gets away from routine, and does something which seems to have no purpose in the world, just because he wants to do it.....
There is a benefit as well as a joy in finding out that you can lay down your task for a proper while without being disloyal to your duty. Play-time is a part of school-time, not a break in it."

3--The Sunday Philosophy Club
An Isabel Dalhousie Mystery
by Alexander McCall Smith

4--French Women Don't Get Fat
The Secret of Eating For Pleasure
by Mireille Guiliano

5--Life: Beautiful Magazine
Faith For Your Journey

Opportunities abound this day to catch glimpses of heaven in unexpected places. So I'm off to explore. May your day be bright and beautiful, and may His grace lend strength and wisdom for every moment.



  1. lots of positive energy coming from your blog. thanks

  2. Hmmm, very pleasant to visit here for thought, lovely images, and books shared. As for books, I've always wondered about those French women who don't get fat. :D

  3. I must tell you that I really enjoy my visits here. I continue learning new and fun things. This new site is loaded with fun and beautiful things to use free. What fun! Thank you for sharing it. The bright yellow tulips on your header immediately add cheer to this blog. I look forward to reading the Living Beautifully magazing too.

  4. Why thankee kindly maam...fer the good feelings ya'll shared with me this evenin.

    I really do feel a bit perkier.

  5. Given a good deal to think about - thanks! Miss Kitty already appears deep in thought... downright sphinxlike!


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