Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Makeover

It's happened ... my spring clearing out bug has now hit my blog. We started giving the place an updated look a couple of weeks ago by adding one of my new photos and changing the background. But who of us doesn't know that a 'lick of paint' won't fix all our ailments.

I took a good look around my site and realized that, just as our clutter around the house starts to appear 'normal' because we get used to it, I did not notice when the long lists and whatnot on my sidebar had begun to look a lot like the former teeter-y pile on the side of my desk (where there often was a stack of paper I was either working on, not sure what to do with, or it was in transit).

I say former, because I'm pleased to report that pile no longer exists on my desk (though I'm not admitting that some of it still sits in limbo on the floor next to me, as Miss Kitty and I figure out what to do with the remains. She's for tossing it out with the litter.)

Now that I've seen it's high time to tidy up online, and make things easier for visitors to browse, I've taken a lesson from Brenda over at Coffee Tea Books and Me and started adding stand-alone pages of various categories at the top of my site. I like the way it looks on Brenda's site, and I'm hoping it will add a helpful feature, not only to clean up the sidebar, but organize postings so readers can find what they're interested in.

We're hoping for progress, as I don't wish to waste my time being the caretaker of the wrong details. For me, that's what spring cleaning is all about. It's clearing out the junk, bringing order to my corners of chaos, and clearing the way for me to focus on the right details, those details that matter to my life's journey.

On that note, here's to making way for the right details... it's a beautiful way to live.



  1. I need a blog makeover and just haven't gotten to it. Yours looks nice and a side-benefit is that it loads faster... always a good thing. Ah- we share our love of quotes. I always pick up some good ones when I visit you. Happy Spring to you... what a lovely time of year indeed.

  2. good ideas but I'm still working on clearing off my desk, the blog will have to wait.

  3. I was trying to change some things around on my blog the other day too. I haven't figured out how to say view this..... and you click on that sentence and then the whole list shows up. How did you do that Brenda?

  4. I like your definition of spring cleaning,"I do not want to waste my time being a caretaker of the wrong details".

    I've got junk and I have stuff!

  5. I like the makeover!


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