Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Around A New Corner

"I thought about what my husband had said, and realized I had fallen into the same trap so many aspiring writers do; I was spending too much time aspiring to write and very little time actually writing. Even though I finally had time to pursue my dream, I was still making it a low priority in my life. I was talking the talk, but wasn't writing the write." ~ Brenda Kezar, A Cup of Comfort for Writers (Cindy Sell, Editor)

My, my, my ... this is like looking in a mirror when I read this quote. Find it interesting that it's written by another Brenda. (Maybe the name in an earlier era meant 'procrastinator' or something...)

Ever since I resigned from my full-time office job a few years ago, I've been aspiring to write more. Ask anyone in my circle, including my patient husband, or come look at the files of draft articles and rough drafts for a book or two, teaching materials, brochures, and newsletter ideas. They all tell the tale that something in me needs and yearns to write, yet I've never really gotten things off the ground and out there.

Why not? I've asked myself that question a ga-zillion times. I think Brenda Kezer uncovered something --- like her, I've never really taken my aspiration from the bottom of the 'to do' pile and made it a higher priority, to place value on my writing and allowing it the right to my time and energy. Somehow I've always let housework and outings and volunteer projects.... just about anything else in my world take precedence.

It really came up close and in my face when I popped over to Lin's to see what she was up today. There, she had shared her Ta Dah list of things she'd accomplished this past month, and I was amazed at how many related to writing. Lin, you inspire me!

This new year is still young at heart, and I feel quite determined that 2010 shall be the year of 'narrowing the gap'... where my aspirations take on perspiration. I'm reminded of that wonderful proverb that says if I roll my works over on God, He will cause them to have success. With a promise like that, what are we waiting for?

Anyone else looking at new aspirations this year?


  1. I know you have a talent for communicating as I have read many of the comments that you shared on my blog. I love to read and I am so thankful for the writers. I think your husband is right. We could be your sounding boards. I understand your procrastination though...it happens to me too.

    Hope your day is a good one!

  2. Dear Brenda! I am going to get in my car and come hug you! I am reading "Knit Together" by Debbie Macomber and she is writing about, guess what, writing. As you, I have always wanted to write. I feel that I can; goodness knows, I have enough to say! My dream when my son was born was to teach in the fall and spring and write and farm in the summer. God has blessed me with 2/3 of that. So, why am I so lazy that I won't partner for the third?

    You have given me food for thought today, my friend.



  3. That's the paradox of writing for a living: you start out writing just what you feel, but sooner or later the pressure of deadlines and the pressure to sell can drain a lot of the enjoyment out of it. By then, no wonder a person procrastinates!

  4. Best wishes with your plans!

    Early wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. priorities are certainly a challenge but manageable. It's not selfish to value yourself if your other priorities are in line...I started writing articles for a local column then after a year of that compiled them into a book which I've sold locally and online. Sold probably 100 or so. I'm writing to leave a legacy not become famous and to preserve my family history. Thanks for mentioning me on your post. Go for it!

  6. Oh I hope you do manage your time to write this year....life goes by so quickly I think it is important to do the things we enjoy....Hugs

  7. Ahhh...like what you said, "may you catch glimpses of heaven on earth in unexpected places".
    Very good!


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