Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning

It's a good thing I don't usually let the weather dictate my frame of mind, because when I look out my study window this morning, it's dreary, dreary, dreary. There's not a flash of a sunbeam, not a flicker of a bird wing fluttering towards my feeders.

I'm heading out the door to my drop-in exercise class in a few minutes. It's supposed to be quite mild outside, so perhaps in this case, Tom Lehrer's comment that 'bad weather always looks worse through a window' fits.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Oh dear ... I dare say dreary doesn't sound very enticing! You are always welcome to come my way (Phoenix) for some sun & blue skies. Today it's 70 degrees and the birds are singing away. I have tea too.


  2. Stay warm! We have overcast skies again and snow predicted!

  3. keeping busy helps you not notice the weather although ours is perfect today in the fifties and sunny.

  4. I hope you're right! We've had a mild day today and I'm thankful!

  5. Hope your exercise class was wonderful.

  6. Brenda it may have been cloudy today but it was ever so warm, I loved being outside this afternoon and I over dressed as I was sweating and had to change when I came home. I have to adjust to this beautiful weather as it is suppose to stay for a while...Hugs

  7. Hi Brenda, thank you so much for visiting and leaving me a comment. I get the sense that we could sit down and have a nice long chat. It's not often that I find one who also loves (and remembers) Lost April. I think that the one thing that I really keep with me from that movie is the sense of sharing...why keep exquisite things to ourselves? Have a wonderful day and do visit again. As for me, I'm off to see more of your pretty blog.

  8. I like that . . . Bad weather always looks worse through the window. I am sure you did feel better once you got out. I am catching up on blog reading after being away from it for too long. You are an encourager.

  9. Dull and dreary here too but very cold and the snow keeps coming.

  10. You have been hit with some real nasty weather. Spring will come! Or at least some sunshine and warmer weather.


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