Friday, December 04, 2009

SnowFlakes Galore

Yes, here in Alberta, we're in the midst of winter. It's snowing and blowing across most of the province. No sign of those romantic fluffy snowflakes of a few days ago. Although minuscule in size, you can feel their determination to get the job done and completely whiten our world today.

'Tis a good one for staying indoors. With a few more clients' newsletters to complete, I'll be happy to watch the storm unfold from the comfort of my cozy office.

Earlier this morning, I gathered the ingredients to simmer a pot of chicken soup for lunch. So guess what's wafting up the stairs?

Methinks digging out the seasonal jigsaw puzzles and setting them up by the fireplace would be a good idea too. Perhaps the Charlie Brown puzzle I enjoyed piecing together last year.

Funny, I enjoy Charlie Brown more now than I did as a child. Maybe Charlie's loneliness seemed too close to home to feel comfortable when I was little. Whereas now, I rarely feel lonely, for even when I am alone, I'm always reminded of the truth that the Divine One promised He'd never leave nor forsake me. So now I often feel like dancing with Snoopy's abandoned joy!

Here's wishing you a great day! And if you're interested in knowing exactly what I mean by 'great day', you might want to pop over to an earlier posting to find out. Click here.



  1. I am cosy by the fire as the winds have turned the fine snow into a blizzard.....but I love storms and the magic of nature.....:-) Hugs

  2. Enjoy being cozy and warm in your home. I love the rhythm of life you lead.


  3. winter is a great time for jigsaw puzzles-I haven't done any for years except with my grandkids...

  4. I agree with Lorrie...I love the rhythm of life that you've established for yourself!! We had itty bitty little flakes all day today!

  5. We had snow today. This is very rare. Mainly we stared out the window at animals are quite indignant that the yard is covered in cold white stuff...

  6. I love Peanuts. I grew up with them, and every year, especially at this time of year, it is known that Mom want to watch the Charlie Brown Special on TV. It's better on TV for some reason that I can't explain...
    We got a little snow today, and there is more in the forecast.

  7. I'm so glad your comments 'blew' my way on this blustery winter's Friday. They added a certain warm coziness to my day!

  8. Have a nice day...

    håper du får en flott dag
    avoir un jour agréable
    een mooie dag verder

  9. You have a way with words my friend. It is snowing here also today, although not like the snow that you are having. This is soft, lazy flakes, like it is trying to decide whether it should rain or snow.

    Enjoy the fire and the jigsaw puzzles today. How about a cup of coffee?

  10. I had to laugh at Dimple's comment -- I agree that the Charlie Brown Christmas special is always best when it's on T.V. Now why is that? "Stay warm and safe" to everyone who's getting this winter storm.


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