Saturday, December 05, 2009

I Love Winter

I love winter! Yes, even during a snowstorm, especially when everyone is home safe and snug.

Yesterday, there was quite the blizzard around here. A real winter snowstorm. This morning, we woke to find it had stopped snowing and the wind wasn't howling.

Being a sturdy Albertan, I donned my winter things and maneuvered my way out of the driveway, up the deeply rutted street, laughing that my trusty car could find her way through the snow piles without getting stuck.

Of course, we did keep our fingers crossed that there wouldn't be any useful car parts scraped from the bottom of my car ... for the ruts made by early morning traffic were d-e-e-p.

Now that our town is all wrapped in its winter wonder-wear, that means Christmas must be getting closer too. Do you see my eyes lighting up? In fact, the reason for my venturing forth on this frosty morn was to meet with friends to garland and festoon our little church meeting place for this holy and festive season.

Here's a question: After you've decorated your tree with all the pretty lights and decorations and tinsel, do you turn off all the 'big' lights and stop in that first moment to stand in awe -- with childlike wonder -- at how magical it all looks and feels? And you find yourself feeling like a kid again?

I know I do. There is something magical about it all, isn't there? I know Christmas comes to other places in the world where there isn't any snow, but for me in my world, snow and Christmas ... well, you just can't have one without the other. So, I'm all for singing....

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Sending you a snug hug,


  1. Oh I love the snow. I have never been afraid to drive in the show, even though have had some bad experiences. I have never stayed at home because there was snow on the ground. I also reminds me Christmas is on its way.

  2. great attitude about weather, me i love sun and warmth. am visiting family and it's cooolldd. tomorrow we head back to our home and warmth.

  3. Brenda, I sat in my living room tonight with just the Christmas Tree lights on and a glow from the was wonderful.
    I too love winter, don't mind the snow as long as I'm not driving in it, don't even mind the cold as long as I'm dressed warm but I have to say I do mind the goes right through me every time....:-) Hug

  4. Last winter here on the Island we had at least 3 weeks of snow and I LOVED it! Most people complained, but I thought the brightness was wonderful and much better than dank dreary rain.
    Enjoy the snow and the magic of it all. I'm hoping for some here.


  5. I do love that cozy feeling you mention when the lights go off and just the little twinkle lights are glowing, like little stars come to earth!

  6. Nice post Brenda. I don't mind the cold and snow too much, but the darkness gets to me. Vitamin D helps a lot!

  7. Oh Brenda, its just as well you like snow living where you live. I on the other hand hate the stuff, which sort of sucks where I live in Southern Ontario, just south of Georgian Bay. Still I keep thinking happy thoughts, only another six months and it will all be over with again!!

    Gill in Southern Ontario

  8. That's the way to look at things. Why whine about the weather when it won't change anything? And the land does look pretty with a coating of snow...

  9. One reason I love to read blogs is to see how other people live and how they think. The thought of all that snow stretches my imagination.


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