Thursday, December 03, 2009

Can't Come Out And Play

The skies are icy blue this morning and the temperatures are biting as they have plummeted well below freezing. But the sun is faithful and so sheds its cheery light across our neighbourhood today.

Miss Kitty thinks she might want to do her garden tour as usual, until she feels the cold air hit her face when the door opens.

I'm in the middle of writing the monthly newsletter today, so perched upon my chair I shall remain for most of it.
Wishing you a happy and productive day,


  1. I have just come in from running errands and it is most brutal's the wind that is horrid.....enjoy your day inside as more snow to come this weekend or so they say.....:-) Hugs

  2. I just came back from a chilly walk, sunny but windy and cold. I gave up my volunteer job as newsletter editor and found I have more time for projects I want to do..

  3. You new banner is gorgeous! Hope you finished your newsletter project. Hope you stay warm.

  4. I love chilly days. It means I get to wear my flannel jammies for as long as I want!

    Enjoy your snuggling ...


    P.S. I'm with Judy: I love the new banner~

  5. Keep warm! Love the cat!

  6. Found you by chance!!!
    very nice post. drop over and visit.


  7. Hey Bernie, Hope you have your firewood and grocery pantry stocked up... looks like we're in for a storm tonight. Keep safe!

    Lin, Looking forward to hearing about more of those things you 'want' to work on!

    Judy, thanks for the feedback. That photo was taken in my living room... it makes a person want to sit and be cozy, doesn't it? Newsletter still in the works, but there's progress, thanks!

    Sassy, those flannel jammies really are the cat's meow, aren't they?

    Dimple, lovely to hear from you.

    Yvonne, how nice to 'meet' you. I'll be popping over for a wee visit.


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