Thursday, November 05, 2009

That Christmas Feeling

On my way home yesterday afternoon from a coffee date with a good friend, suddenly and without warning, I started to get that warm fuzzy feeling we usually identify as 'being in the Christmas spirit'. 

So, when I got to the library guess which section I headed towards -- I wasn't disappointed to find a lovely display of seasonal magazines and books already waiting for my browsing pleasure.

This was an interesting moment for me. I love Christmas, I've always loved thinking and preparing several months in advance for this wonderful time of year. I loved the anticipation of the season.

But until I walked into that library yesterday with the specific intent of searching out some Christmas craft magazines, I hadn't actually recognized that for the last six years my Christmas crafting soul had been on 'hiatus' (for various health and family issues too long to describe here).

I didn't realize I'd set aside Christmas crafting until I went searching for ideas at the library. Wow, I'm excited now about digging out my own squirreled away copies of old Christmas magazines and begin my former tradition of mulling and searching out those wondrous ideas that will make this particular season sparkle with new joy and hope.

I realize now that something new on the inside of me got well. It's a day to celebrate.

Here's wishing you warm and cozy day,


  1. Oh, I love that Christmas feeling - and I'm glad yours is back! Now, if only I had time to play with all my crafting ideas instead of writing this paper on the Collapse of the Maya, Aztec and Inca societies for my Anthropology class.

    Sigh. It's too easy to click out of Word into much more fun things like blogs!

    Thanks for stopping by mine today!


  2. healing is a gift when it comes...

  3. That is so funny because my son and I have been feeling the same way!! I'm glad that you might start crafting again!!

  4. Brenda I am so glad you are feeling well. I have dealt with depression all my life. My gmother and mother were both depressed. I have had to work hard to be able to function. I am well and enjoy life so much now since all the stress is off of me. I know my blogging buddies will help me stay in the mood.

  5. I'll let you in a secret, I "squirrel away all my old Christmas issue magazines, too!
    Where do you keep yours? Under a table with a long skirt, like me?

  6. Your title lured me in; I thought maybe a cat had insinuated itself into your heart! But Tigger, and Christmas! I wihs you happy crafting, and am glad you're feeling well again.

  7. Brenda, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. It is always wonderful to 'virtually' meet those fellow kindred spirits. There are more of us (Anne of GG and Victoria lovers, etc.) than I would have ever thought. I loved your "getting back to Christmas crafting" story... and I really loved that your analogy was Tigger pouncing on you. Our family is a family of Disney nuts... we have many wonderful memories together at Disney World, so any reference to those kinds of things brings an immediate smile to my face.

    I pray your Christmas will be filled with joy from crafting, but most of all from Christ.


  8. So happy you are feeling the Christmas Spirit....obviously you are ready for the sites, smells and all the wonderful things that Christmas brings, I am so happy for you.....:-) Hugs

  9. I love Christmas too! Have a great weekend!