Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today: I'm linking to The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... blue skies, wind tousled treetops, dried leaves scuttling like beetles across the yard.

I am thinking... what it is we actually wish when we wish someone to have a great day?

Now that you're wondering, I would want that person to be well in her body, to have no pain in any area, including her heart. I would desire that her relationships be sweet and that rifts or misunderstandings be cleared up quickly. I would wish that her path be smooth and that things would go well in her work and at the grocery store.... that she knows someone somewhere loves her and thinks she's special..... that sort of thing.

I am thankful for... experiences every day that remind me that walking in love toward every living creature is really what makes life beautiful.

I am wearing... black slim jeans, a black/white stretchy, almost tunic length top, silver earrings with black dangly bobbles.

I am going... to start getting my home ready for Christmas this week by setting aside 1 hour every day to clean every corner and put things to right, and then start bringing out the festive stuff in December.

I am reading... Healing Your Financial Soul: An Interactive Guide to Restoring Your Relationship with Money by David Hicks. This book takes time to read through as he shares various exercises to help trigger and identify those trouble spots, so we can deal with them.

One interesting exercise at the beginning is to think about what you truly desire for your financial well-being. Of course that's different for everyone. But that's where you need to think about what's really important to you and your family. He shares a prompt to get you started. "I am rich in ----- !" So, after much thought and heart-searching, this is my dream for financial well-being in a nutshell:

I am rich in extravagant giving and generous hospitality, and I always have more than enough to give to good work.

I am hoping... to create a little inspiration board of pictures that will convey a little of what that dream looks like; to use it as a positive and happy reminder when I'm about the business of spending, saving, making, budgeting, creating, shopping, paying......

On my mind... Lunch. Although I don't eat hotdogs very often -- usually too salty -- today that's what I feel like enjoying. With mustard, relish, ketchup and, yes, minced onions, too!

Pondering these words... Give and it shall be given. I'm beginning to grasp the idea that this may be a universal law that is meant for absolutely every area of life, including our relationships and finances. Whatever I want and hope to enjoy, I must first plant a seed if I hope for a harvest in that area. If I wish friendship, I must offer it to others. If I wish to be treated with kindness, I must ensure I offer kindness to every person I meet. If I wish blessings to come to me, I must first bless others.

From the kitchen... Beef Rouladen for supper. This is a German dish that our family often saved for Christmas Eve Dinners when I was growing up. But sometimes it's fun to eat 'any old time' and to enjoy the happy festive memories it triggers.

Around the house... not a typical Monday. No laundry needs doing today, which is interesting.

One of my favorite things... the Yankee Candle sitting on my desk with the fragrance "Autumn Wreath". I've had the candle for a couple of seasons, and still I'll often catch a whiff of its autumny fragrance. Kind of a mix of spicy pumpkin pie, apple cider, and cinnamon. I love the surprise of how it releases its scent when I'm not expecting it.

From my picture journal...  something bright and cheerful for my front door as the holiday season draws nearer.

Here's wishing you a great day, and all that it means to you!


  1. lots of cheerful thoughts to ponder

  2. A beautiful post, Brenda. I like your concept of what we mean when we say, "Have a great day."


  3. I agree about the difference in July afternoons vs. winter afternoons-- in July I can feel like it is still "early" at 6 or 7 pm! Not so much in November! I also love your wreath-- I have wooden wreaths all over our home! Thanks for visiting my site.

  4. A lovely daybook! Thank you for stopping by to visit me. I have really enjoyed visiting you...I love the wreath on the door, and your wonderful words to ponder. Karen

  5. It's fun getting to know you through your writings.

  6. A great daybook read. I found out some things I didn't know. I will look for that beef recipe. I love the picture you shared. The wreath is so welcoming. Have a blessed week. Doylene


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