Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dressing Up Cookies and Taking Them Out

For those of you who are Anne of Green Gables fans, you'll understand the sheer joy of encountering yet another kindred spirit -- that moment when we cry out, ""Aha, she speaks the language of my heart." These individuals who delight us by giving us kaleidoscopic glimpses of their lives, which often includes a peek into their wildly creative pursuits.

Which is why I was enchanted when Judy over at Just A Little Something For You posted her delicious way of dressing up gifts of cookies.

She's taken the age-old tradition of sharing gifts from our kitchen and made it into something pretty and playful as well as tasty.

With the holidays coming up, not to mention all those other spur-of-the-moments we love to celebrate, I thought it was the perfect time to pass along the link to this creative posting.

Whatever you're up to, wishing you joy and peace!


  1. Your kindness truly did bless my day! Thank you my friend, for taking something as ordinary as a small dressed up paper bag and sharing it with others. What a fun surprise!

    Wishing you joy today!

  2. You are so kind Brenda, am off to visit your recommended site...:-) Hugs

  3. So simple but elegant!!

  4. that's something I could be creative with package wrappings...will check out the link

  5. I just came back and whew! Nicely done.
    Brenda, I agree with you about all the friends who are kindred spirits. I never thought there were so many of "us" out there. Then blogging came into my life.
    I am blessed. (I count you as one of my "sisters" who speak the language of my heart)

  6. Hello kindred spirit! Thanks for the link. Hubby came home a couple of weeks ago with a package of brown paper bags (lunch size). I thought, "What in the world do we need those for?" and probably asked him that. No one in our house goes off to work or school, so I don't send off lunches. Now I know how to use them well.

    :) Christi


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