Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Orange Kitten Peering In My Window

The weather's been warm and autumnal, which means our neighbourly Orange Kitten has been venturing forth to visit again.

The other day, she met us on our morning walk. And, then recently she came into the backyard, where she found a sunny spot on a patio chair. Until she realized that if she jumped up on the BBQ lid, she could peer into our kitchen window, meow pathetically, and look most forlorn. She's a good little actress! It was hard to get a good photo through the window glass, but for those of you who ask about her, here are a few pics.

Our own Miss Kitty was not amused, so there was some general complaining and genteel hissing going on at the time, nothing too serious. Orange Kitten just wants to play ... well, and eat snacks too. She's always up for snacks. But then, aren't we all?

So, here's wishing you a most pleasant day! Naps, snacks, and lots of pets from your favourite caregiver! Sounds purr-fect!


  1. Love your slide show!☺

    PS...my word verification was "cated"...LOL!

  2. The first time Orange Kitten jumped up on the BBQ and peeked in the windows it must have scared you! She is something else!

  3. fun slide show-she does look neglected...lol!

  4. Adorable little O.K.!

  5. Cute as a button.

  6. I love little orange kitten! She's a punkin'.

  7. Orange Kitty is such a charmer! Love your slide show.

  8. We have an orange kitty that visits us every day. She comes to the deck and if we go out, rubs our legs for a few minutes and then ambles on her way. He is the neighborhood cat. We think it is the ideal way to own a pet.


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