Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More Time Thoughts

I am not sure why time seems to be a theme that comes up in my mind more often these days. Perhaps as I get older, there is that sense of dawning that the number of our days is not a limitless, never ending supply.

And so, just as we take more care with our water supply during drought times, counting each drop as dear, so to my hours and days and weeks become more precious as another one slips into history. Which makes me want to live life more abundantly and joyfully and lovingly than ever before.

I just started reading this beautiful copy of Keeper of the Springs, Making Home the Place for Which You're Longing by Ingrid Trobisch (1997).

If you've been wondering sometimes how to shape your life so that what matters to you has a solid and safe place in your world, Ingrid Trobisch shares some beautiful insights about becoming the keeper of the springs of family, heart, and hearth. Here's a peek:

"... The surrounding estate of green fields has been divided now. But each plot of two to three acres is studded by huge ancient trees with sprawling branches. When I purchased the home from Mrs. Crighton, my childhood teacher, she said, "I will sell you my house if you promise to do one thing every morning."
"What's that?" I asked.
"Stop whatever you're doing at ten o'clock....go sit on the front porch or backyard swing and just listen to the birds."

Happy Day!


  1. great thought, we all need to stop more often to listen to the birds...

  2. Oh I like that. I may have to find that at our library.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful book thanks. Clarice

  4. I could do that!! What a lovely request!!

  5. I will look up the book. I have read a little of something else by Ingrid Trobisch. She has quite a story. I love the title of the book. Thanks for the recommendation. Like you, I am cognizant that our days are not limitless. . . I want to live as long as I am alive and I want to influence my grandkids for Christ and His kingdom. Blessings.


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