Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Old Novel by Willa Cather

I popped out to do some banking this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find a display of used books on a table at the bank. It was for a charity fundraiser. Of course I had to take a look... for you never know what treasure could be hidden amongst the rest of those dog-eared penny thrillers.

Imagine then how delighted I was to find a old novel by Willa Cather. I first read about Miss Cather in the Victoria magazine years ago. I don't recall ever reading anything by her, but I always wanted to, so for a dollar, here was my chance to add The Professor's House, written in 1925, to my ever-growing pile of books to read.
And, since it's Tuesday, here's a quote from the book to go along with Teaser Tuesdays:
"On this September morning, however, St. Peter knew that he could not evade the unpleasant effects of change by tarrying among his autumn flowers. He must plunge in like a man, and get used to the feeling that under his work-room there was a dead, empty house. He broke off a geranium blossom and with it still in his hand went... ."
Wishing you a beautiful day,


  1. Your photo is beautiful, with the light streaming across the couch and pillow. And what a lovely teaser for the book, too. I've not read that particular one and will have to add it to my list of books to read when I'm done studying!



  2. Oh my, snuggle down on that fluffy pillow in the header and read away...I know I would! ;D

  3. OK, you got me! What book is that teaser from??? St Peter with a dead empty house???

    BTW I'm really enjoying "Gift from the Sea."

  4. hey my blog today is about reading a book too. must be the season..


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