Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Mountain Ash laden with red berries

Today I'm joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer as she hosts Outdoor Wednesday. Here is a little peek into my backyard on this lovely summer afternoon.

Our little neighbour kitty loves to climb, so up the trunk she goes. As innocent as she looks as she peers through the branches, she is probably in chase of a bird or two. Who can be mad with such a face staring at you?

Mountain Ash laden with Orange Kitten

"Time spent amongst trees
is never wasted time."
Katrina Mayer

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Orange Kitten looks so happy in your Mountain Ash tree!

  2. Nice berries...but the kitty is too cute!♥

  3. The berries are lovely but I'll vote twice for the kitten. I hope you are enjoying the last few days of summer.

  4. What great photos. I love the berries both in the post and in the header. The kitten is also super cute.
    Happy OW!

  5. Oh what an adorable cat! Love these two pictures...they are perfect together.

  6. LOL at the load of kitten in the tree!

  7. OHHHHHHHHH!!! I love your kitty!


  8. That Orange Kitten doesn't look like she knows quite what to do next. Ah, it's all part of the learning process for a little cat!

  9. Beautiful photo's and oh what a sweet kitten......:-) Hugs

  10. Okay... I really love this. No, I mean I REALLY DO love this. It's so imaginative. Well... no surprises there. It was found on Brenda's blog site, after all.


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