Monday, September 07, 2009

I've Been Reading

We're enjoying our days, but my goodness, they've been filled to the brim! But we always have make time for what we loved best, so reading time has been squeezed out. I thought I'd share a few snippets from what I've been enjoying of late.
I hope you'll enjoy these excerpts and maybe there will be something that you now want to read too.

September/October issue, p. 19
"Perhaps nothing else symbolizes the fall season more complete than pumpkins...

The pure, deep orange color the pumpkin lends to recipes adds to its appeal, and its earthy flavor is a natural partner for warm spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as for the floral essence of fresh herbs like thyme.

Here, we showcase six uses for the classic fall squash---crisp, cheesy risotto bites, savory tarts filled with leeks and herbs, creamy cranberry and nutty pumpkin bread tea sandwiches, a crumbly scone, chocolately turnovers made with flaky puff pastry... consider it our salute to fall's favorite icon."

Transforming a Woman's Soul, by Heidi McLaughlin, p. 10
"What has happened to the innocent laughter and beauty that came from within us as little children? Girls giggle and laugh when we make faces at them, their eyes sparkling with glee. They adorn themselves in princess dresses, twirl, and dance uninhibited in their bare feet. Because everything delights and fascinates them, they engage their world with creativity, joy, and the giddy anticipation of a great adventure...

Now that we are women, I fear that we have become too smart and busy for this uninhibited kind of joy. Who will rescue us and make us feel beautiful once again?"

A Story About True Love, by Don Nori, p. 14
"His heart was full of dreams. Dreams for me, dreams for each person who had ever been conceived. They were wonderful dreams, astonishing possibilities. Such mighty dreams they were, too! Dreams to win, to succeed, to flourish. Dreams to invent, to discover, to write! Dreams to change the thoughts of man, to lead nations, to raise children who would carry the torch of His Life to generations yet unborn..."

Excerpt from CBN on-line: "Romancing the Divine begins where Pilgrim’s Progress ends. A fictional allegory, it is the story of one person’s struggle with his inadequacies and sense of failure on one side, and his longing to know the reason for his existence on the other. He grapples with divine destiny while attempting to gain the favor of the One who has orchestrated his reason for living."

 Under Gemini 
by Rosamunde Pilcher, p. 40
"In spite of all that he was brought to a standstill by the unexpectedness of the sunshine reflected in still-damp pavements, by the glittering, coppery leaves of the trees in the square, and by the smell. It was a country smell, of autumn---a suggestion of peat and heather and wild uplands. It blew in with a freshening breeze from hills not after all so very far away. Antony, standing on the pavement with his raincoat slung over his shoulder and an overnight bag in his hand, took a few deep sniffs and was reminded of Fernrigg and of Tuppy. That he found comforting. It helped him to unwind and stop feeling so anxious."
 Master of the Music 
Geneva Hiebert, excerpt from back cover
"They've traveled far as they've followed the music to the Master's castle. They way has been difficult and they've arrived as a bedraggled lot of castaways only to find that they've been welcomed with open arms and immersed in luxury beyond their wildest dreams....

When a group of them gathers by the warm fire cracking in the Master's library one stormy night, they naturally fall to telling stories. Each story contains a secret, a lesson, and a perfect picture of the Master's perfect love. Through the telling, they grow to understand each other better and to love him even more."

Wishing you some happy reading time this week!


  1. well you've been busy reading, good for you. fun to read some excerpts. I bought and read a really good book on my trip entitled "Freelancing for newspapers" Writing fro an overlooked Market" by Sue Lick. Also read a biography of a woman who escaped from living in polygamy so that's about the extent of my reading this summer except for scriptures of course...

  2. You have peaked my interest with the snippets from your "Reads".
    Especially, Beauty Unleashed.

    Thanks again for the headups.

  3. You sure give "curling up with a book" a whole new context! No doubt you're both challenged and delighted by your undertaking.

    Be blessed,

  4. Master of the Music is the one I would like to get hold of. Blogging has sure cut into my reading time.
    Of course I am painting on Christmas gifts.

  5. Hi Brenda, it's nice to be busy and have full days, a day of reading is a day of bliss to me.
    Now I think I will go out and get Romancing the Devine....sounds devine to me. Thanks for the reviews.......:-) Hugs

  6. Enjoyed reading your snippets. Have a blessed week!!

  7. Looks like you've been reading trhe words of some great word merchants. I've written down a few on them to check out at a later date. I am currently on "The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". I'm likin it.

    Thank you so much for your words on my post today. They helped immeasurably! I love Mother Teresa. If I could pick one person in all of history I'd like to be, she'd be my number one choice.

  8. Oh I love the quote from Beauty Unleashed...these are great, now to find more time to read, my book list is getting longer.


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