Friday, September 04, 2009

Birthday Club Outing!

My birthday club met for lunch the other afternoon. It was a very warm day, so we enjoyed being on the patio in the cool of large old shade trees.

Our group of four is not a club in the usual sense. It's just that the four of us used to work together years ago and so our roots go down a long way. We would get together for our birthdays and Christmas we coined the phrase "The Birthday Club".

We're all so different in our personalities and talents, but that's the joy of our being together. Each brings her special blend of beauty and grace and great humour to the mix. We all share a love of good food, family, cats and pets, beautiful things, gardens, did I mention name just a few things.

We loved giving each other lavish gifts for birthdays and Christmas, and then one year we thought it was getting too much to do (with life seeming more hectic), so we thought we'd just meet for lunch and not do gifts.

Well, that turned out to be an impossibility. We tried, sort of, but after all, how can you celebrate a birthday without prezzies wrapped in crinkly tissue? Everyone still arrived with bags of goodies (smaller bags, true), so now we just laugh about not doing gifts as we hand round our little treasures to each other.

And I guess that's the fun of it all... we've known each other long enough to love without censure, laugh without fear, and eat without embarrassment if we choose dessert on top of that huge lunch.

So here's to my Birthday Club... Sharon, Heather, Susan...
and to the good ole days in 502!



  1. How wonderful to have good friends!

  2. If it was your birthday...Happy Birthday to you! A birthday club sounds like a fun thing to have, and with all the smiles on your faces, it looks like you have a great time together. Somehow, no matter how small, gifts just seem to go with birthdays.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  3. fun activity with good friends. any excuse to party sounds good to me and presents only add to the fun.

  4. Happy Birthday to you...and your not so old cronies...Happy Birthday to you. And many mooooore.

    This sounds like such fun!!! I really am much enamoured with the way you live your life. to the fullest and with great joy!

    I raise my glass to the four of you.

  5. I think that is truly a wonderful idea!!!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday. Old friends can never be replaced, hold strong to your deep roots my friend they will always be there and never let you down. Have a wonderful birthday.....:-) Hugs

  7. What a wonderful Club you have! Looks like all of you were having a grand time!


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