Saturday, September 26, 2009

Autumn Leaves


What a beautiful autumn it's been so far. The warmth of these past few days has been the cat's meow, as it has provided a much needed extra few days of summer to our season. With the blustery and crisper wind today, however, it now feels like fall. Guess we're turning the corner!

Went looking for the music for the old classic Autumn Leaves. Found this rendition by Edith Piaf -- I hope you enjoy it.
The falling leaves ... Drift by the window ... The autumn leaves ...

Wishing you a happy Saturday,


  1. Lovely music, thank you for sharing.
    We have had a beautiful September haven't we but today is cold and the wind is brutal....I think Fall has arrived......:-) Hugs

  2. Perfect.

  3. It's been a silly day around here, so your post reminded me of "Jonathan and Darlene Edwards" (Paul Weston and Jo Stafford) and their wonderfully skewed version of Autumn Leaves.

    Best I could do was a straight version from Jo Stafford and a J and D version of Paris in the Spring.


  4. I just happened upon your blog and it is so delightful. I'm sure I'll be back again to take a journey.
    BB from Ga.

  5. Fabulously beautiful. I love Fall!


  6. Thanks all for your kind words today.

    Good Cats -- I am looking forward to the links you shared. Thx!

    Anonymous -- I sure do hope you call again!

  7. lovely ending to a busy day with family. love the rendition and photos-it's my favorite season.

  8. Lovely - absolutely lovely!

  9. The gorgeous red rose, the beautiful picture of the colorful leaves, and Richard Clayderman's relaxing music...what a gift this Sunday afternoon. Thank you! Hope your day is a special one too!


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