Monday, September 28, 2009

Asleep In The Sun

Some books need to be savoured while you read them ... as if you have all the time in the world.

Asleep in the Sun by Hans Silvester (1997) is such a book. It's mostly a study of kitty cats in their favourite positions -- the nap. Hans Silvester says,
"Through the companionship of a cat or dog, we humans have a window on a different sort of awareness. Anyone who lives with an animal knows that his or her companion has another notion of time ... time is like the air -- without limit. Cats and dogs are never preoccupied with passing time. ... For those who would learn to siesta well, I advise taking a cat as a teacher. For cats, the siesta is a sacred time which, under no circumstances, should be disturbed. ... Let us admire our friends the cats, yes, but above all, let us learn some of their wisdom: for them, to live and to have time are the same thing." 

This picture book from my bookshelf is one I've included in my 2009 Reading Challenge. I'm so glad I did -- reading  made me feel a 'warm fuzzy' all over.

Brenda 🐱


  1. well I see you were up early today.yes what a cute picture .

  2. well, I'm ready for a purrfect nap after a five hour drive home...some books are meant to be reread also...

  3. I never read that book, although the "warm and cozy feeling" from it, would be inviting. I love to read, but right now I don't find much time to do it. I do have a list though, so thank you.

    You have the most beautiful pictures on the banner of your blog. This new one depicts perfectly the title of your blog.

  4. We are glad people like to watch us nap. We enjoy it too!

  5. I love watching my kitties sleep in the sun...they strike the funniest poses!!


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