Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Doings

Here is what's up for me on this somewhat sunny, somewhat foggy, a little cool, but starting-to-warm-up Saturday.

 1. Today I'm cleaning an untidy corner in my study.

2. Making Moroccan Chicken-Vegetable Soup.

It smells so fragrant and delicious as it simmers away. I found the original recipe years ago in The Best of Bridge: The Best of the Best cookbook.

3. Delving into my stack of library books.

Yes, you see rightly, there is a Christmas book in that stack. It's a lovely glimpse into the world of Rosamund Pilcher of Shell Seekers fame. I do enjoy Ms. Pilcher's writings.

4. Watching an episode from the classic series, Upstairs Downstairs.

I loved this show about Lady Bellamy and her family who live Upstairs at 165 Eaton Place alongside the family of servants which included the strict, but kindly Mr. Hudson as butler, Mrs. Bridges as the cook, and Rose the Parlor Maid, who all lived Downstairs.

5. Visit Nathalie at Avignon in Photos.

If you haven't been away on any exciting trips of late, and you feel like you'd like to catch a glimpse of something fresh and new from somewhere else, I highly recommend you take a armchair tour of Nathalie's blog -- you'll feel like you've been away on a holiday in France!


That's my day -- now it's your turn.
What are you up to?

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,


  1. sounds like a busy day to me, I am not making soup, I am not cleaning a corner today, I am not reading any christmas stories today, BUT I am going to watch a video today not sure what yet. Have fun doing all those things today EVELYN

  2. I'm still contemplating cleaning off my!

  3. Sounds like a very enjoyable day!!! I will have to check out that blog...France...a place I would love to visit!!


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Brenda xox

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