Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring....

I like people who smile when it rains.
~ Unknown

Not sure if you can see the raindrops on my window in this photo. Believe me, it's a most welcome sight, as we've hardly had rain all spring. We were starting to look desert-y along our highways and ditches as fields and grassy areas were quite brown. But, this week we are wet... and if I were a duck, I'd be happily puddling in it today.

With umbrella in hand, I'm off to visit family today. My brother and his kids are in town. It will be lovely to see my young nieces and nephew, and see how tall everyone is this year. I have a feeling that when I stand next to my nephew of 13, I'll now be shorter than him! Oh well, us five-feet-ers have our place too... ha ha.

Wishing you a wonderful day,


  1. Brenda, enjoy your visit with your family! I'm glad you got some rain!

  2. AnonymousJuly 09, 2009

    Miracle of miracles, it is a rainy day there. What a blessings. We have had out share. But I don't want to complain and jinx our chances for a nice summer season.Enjoy

  3. Us five footers?? So, you're even shorter than I am, eh? ...heh, heh At 5'1" that doesn't occur all that often. Until I got to be an old lady I was 5'2". I hated to give up that one inch. My family is all tall... hubby 6'4", all my boys 6'2"-6'4", daughter 5'9"... I feel like I'm standing in the redwoods when we do our super, dooper family snuggles. Oh well...

    But as long as we're tall enough for our feet to reach all the way to the ground I guess we're allright, huh?

    It's fun to have a chance to check out the changes in our families after we haven't seen them for a while, isn't it? Hope you had a GREAT time.

    Glad for your rain... hope it greens things up a bit.

  4. we saw rain once on our trip coming home in the nevada desert-it's been a dry summer so far...

  5. Wow! I love your backyard. When I get rich and famous (well actually just rich don't want to be famous)Maybe I'll hire you to make me a great backyard like that.
    Have a great day.

  6. I could almost smell the rain cleansed air. Sometimes I miss the rain soaked sod of WA State; then again ...

    Be blessed,

  7. So you shop in the peite area also!
    I remember when our son was taller then me, he was in the 5th grade! Today he is 6'3"!
    I stopped growing in the 5th grade. At that time I was the tallest in my class. What happened? I thought I'd be tall for ever.


To My Beautiful Readers,

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

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