Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy

Not that long ago, in a list of things for which I'm thankful I mentioned that I was very grateful I have not had to work for a living in a factory or assembly line. 

With variety placing a high priority in my value system, I cannot imagine standing in the same position doing the same type of piecework hour after hour, day after day, month after month.

Having said that, there may be one exception. Have you ever seen the famous chocolate scene from the old television series I Love Lucy where Lucy and her friend Ethel are hired to wrap candy in the candy factory assembly line?
If you need a dose of funny today, take two minutes to enjoy Lucy and Ethel at their hilarious best.

By the way, as I'm still chuckling and feeling grateful, I want to acknowledge and appreciate every person who has ever worked, or continues to work, in an assembly line type of job. I realize how much we owe to your contribution in our lives. Where would we be without you?

Still laughing,


  1. well thank all the Chinese who are now doing most of the assembly line jobs nowadays...I love that episode of I LOVE LUCY-used to watch her every week on TV when I was a child. So FUNNY! A natural comedienne.

  2. AnonymousJune 23, 2009

    That is my most favorite TV episode. That one and the stomping the grapes.
    My husband worked 38 years in a factory on an assembly line. He made a wonderful living and now an excellent retirement. Our insurance was wonderful with 6 children. I am so grateful to him to his loyalty and faithfulness. There were days when I know he hated it. He never missed a day of work. I could not have done it either.

  3. I loved that series so much that my little doggie is named Lucy!
    Her full name is Princess Lucile Ball!
    I was once on an assembly line, right after high school. The money got me to Hawaii!

  4. Brenda- THis was so fun to see again! Why can't we have more shows on TV like that anymore? sigh... I need to go out and buy more old DVD shows. They are the best! Lori

  5. After all these years, Lucy is still hilarious! I get flustered just thinking about assembly lines! A few years ago, I worked for six weeks in a small plant that bottled flax oil, and bagged ground flax meal. That short time was enough experience to last me a life-time! Kudos to all those who can "master the line"!

  6. I've watched tons of I love Lucy shows...timeless!!


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