Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's On The Back Burner

Have you ever worked on a project and then put it on what's often referred to as 'the back burner', because you either got busy with something else or you had to work through some ideas before you could do more?

For anyone who has any projects on the back burner these days, I want to share this humorous warning I understand originates with Lorrie Moore, American fiction writer:

"She had put (her poems) on the back burner,
and they had fallen behind the stove."

On different note, I'm so excited that our little tree swallows arrived in the neighbourhood this Spring morning, flying round and round wondering where their nesting boxes were.

Even as hubby was still in the middle of attaching the boxes to the fence railing, an eager pair landed atop one, laying claim even before the nest were solidly in place.

Although I'm delighted with the arrival of all our summer birds, I must admit the tree swallows are a favourite ...  they are so much fun to watch in the Springtime.

On that note, I'm wishing you a beautiful day.


  1. They are such pretty birds! We're on the 9th floor - sure miss my garden, my ravine, my trees that we used to have. Now I live vicariously through all my bird and bloom bloggers!!

    I don't know what I might have on my back burner, but I'm sure there are things in the freezer of my mind. It would take a long defrosting time!

  2. Karin, That's funny! Well, having stuff in the freezer is okay too, because I love to eat cookies and squares in their frozen state! Maybe other stuff tastes good frozen, eh?

  3. well I'm just trying to find my desk sorting through all the papers-I put that on facebook and my all knowing son suggested I stop using paper. But I like to have reminders of ideas to look at and not just on the computer. fun that spring is coming and birds are nesting.

  4. Isn't it wonderful when the birds return! It makes my heart leap with joy and excitement to see my geese over that first time each spring!

  5. ah yes, i was wondering where my poems had gone.....guess i'd better check behind the stove, lol!

    btw, i love your your new header ~ the flowers are beautiful!!

    be blessed, friend! :)

  6. Oh dear I have a few things on the back burner - I'd better heed the warning!

    Love your pretty little birds, aren't they sweet.

    A x


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